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Prague Black Hawks


09.04.2012 Prague Black Hawks

Sölleröd wins in Prague

On Saturday, 7th of April, took place the game in which participated Prague Black Hawks and Sollerod Gold Diggers. Dannish team was last year’s EFAF Cup semifinalist and Prague Black Hawks are Czech Champions 2011, that is why many expected close game, that would be decided by few mistakes.

(c) EFAF

Although this was one of the most important games for Czechs, there were only app. 100 spectators. The reasons were terrible weather (rain and 2°C), and Easter holiday. Weather was also a little bit important factor for the match itself. Prague Black Hawks air-raid offence is more weather-dependent than Dannish offence, which was very run heavy.

As was written above, many expected close game, but the reality was far from it. Precisely practiced and well-played dannish offensive plan was unbeatable for Black Hawks defence. Gold Diggers used approximately five actions, but they executed them perfectly. From the very first minutes there was only one team playing football. Black Hawks‘s offence compared to Gold Diggers’s one was slow, weak and without any emotions. There were dozens of dropped passes, which can not be vindicated by bad weather. Coverges and blocks on special teams were non-existing on Black Hawks side.

Half-time score (0:23) tells more than enything else.

Black Hawks’s coaches made some personnel changes to the second half hopeing for revival, but it was, too late. Gold Diggers are great team and they controlled the second half the same way, they did it in the first one.

In second half there were some bright moments of individual performences on Black Hawks side, but Gold Diggers played much better as a team and that is more important. This defeat propably closed the door for Black Hawks to play offs.

Group C
Prague Black Hawks130076Stats File
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Sollerod Gold Diggers43617137

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