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L´Hospitalet Pioners
(c) L´Hospitalet Pioners


08.05.2012 L´Hospitalet Pioners

Pioners: Au revoir, l’Europe

L’Hospitalet Pioners and La Corneuve played an inconsequential game for both teams, due their defeats against London Blitz. Both teams played matched game, but the French took full advantage of the Pioners’ defense mistakes, beating the Catalans for 14 to 27.

Pioners vs Flash
(c) EFAF
Pioners vs Flash

Equality was high during the first half, where Pioners failed a field goal. At the end of the second quarter, after a long pass, the French arrived four yards from the goal line and from there, Mackenzie McGrady # 9 scored in QB sneak play; Mikaël Doukore # 22 scored the extra point. And on the last play of the quarter Doukore received a pass in the end zone giving 6 new points to his team; he scored the extra point, too.

In the second half, Pioners got in the field with the comeback in mind, but a fifty yards run for a touchdown of Antoine Saillant # 23 didn’t help; the extra point attempt was blocked by Luke Laolagi # 8. But the Pioners did not surrender and kept trying. After a great reception of Hugo Solo # 10, the ball was in the yard two, and Alex Loukas # 11 scored the first touchdown for Pioners in a run play; Sergio Velez # 84 scored the extra point. But the French did not want surprises and kept on pressing. So, Steve Delaval # 11 cached a four yard reception for another touchdown of Flash; Doukore scored the extra point.

Pioners tried to score more points for having a chance in the game and just got a new touchdown after a 31-yard reception from Solo; Velez scored the extra point. Pioners had another chance to score before the end of the game, but burned all four drives at the gates of the red zone and the game finished without more changes.

Now, both teams will concentrate their effort in the national championships. Pioners will play the semifinal against Valencia Firebats on the way to win their third championship in a row.

1st quarter 00-00

2nd quarter 00-14
Flash: #09 Mackenzie McGrady Touchdown 00-06
Flash: #22 Mikaël Doukore Extra Point 00-07
Flash: #09 Mikaël Doukore Touchdown 00-13
Flash: #22 Mikaël Doukore Extra Point 00-14

3rd quarter 07-13
Flash: #23 Antoine Saillant Touchdown 00-20
Pioners: #11 Alex Loukas Touchdown 06-20
Pioners: #84 Sergio Vélez Extra Point 07-20
Flash: #11 Steve Delaval Touchdown 07-26
Flash: #22 Mikaël Doukore Extra Point 07-27

4th quarter 07-00
Pioners: #10 Hugo Solo Touchdown 13-27
Pioners: #84 Sergio Vélez Extra Point 14-27

Division 4
L´Hospitalet Pioners140077
La Courneuve Flash27014130

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