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29.05.2012 Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna

Raiffeisen Vikings beat Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns

In the EFL-Quarterfinal the Raiffeisen Vikings defeated the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns from Germany with the score of 25:13. At the beginning of the game, Schwäbisch Hall surprised the Vikings with fast offense plays.

QB Jake Spitzlberger
(c) Unicorns / Dieter Hess
QB Jake Spitzlberger
(c)Unicorns / Dieter Hess

The Vikings Defense had not excpect the short pass offense from the Unicorns, and so the guests from Germany could take a lead from 7:0. Jakob Spitzlberger passed to Wide Receiver Felix Brenner, the PAT was good. The Vikings could not play their usual offensive play. So the home team just got a field goal of Sebastian Daum, the Unicorns answered also with a good field goal. The standing after the first quarter was 3:10.

The second quarter started like the first had ended: with a field goal from the Unicorns. The Vikings had to take higher risk in their offensive plays. So Tillman Stevens catched a pass from Chris Gross for 75 Yards and reached the touchdown. The PAT was good, the new score was 10 :13. The Unicorns became a little nervous, and the momentum changed. The Unicorns could not free themselves. So Benjamin Bubik blocked a punt from Felix Brenner in the Unicorns endzone. This safety lead to the halftime score of 12:13.

In the second half, the Vikings offense showed their whole potential. With a turnover (Quarterback Sack), the Vikings got the ball early in the second half. Tillman Stevens fumbled a ball just before the Unicorns endzone, but after three attempts the Unicorns had to punt the ball. Stevens returned the punt nearly to the endzone of the Unicorns. Dusty Thornhill made the touchdown, the Two Point Conversion failed. Anyway the Vikings had the lead for the first time in the game. The new score: 18:13.

The Vikings defense acclimatized to the Unicorns offense, and the offense of the Vikings played better and better. After an interception of Peter Tutsch, the Vikings got the ball back. Dusty Thornhill scored his second touchdown of the day against his former team. The score at the end of the game was 25:13 for the Vikings. In the semifinal, the Vikings will face the Berlin Adler.
QF 3
Vienna Vikings253967Text Stats
Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns1310300

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