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12.04.2004 Landquart Broncos

Swiss Champion lost first game in Eurobowl

Flash de la Courneuve was the expected strong opponent for the Broncos and in 2004 - the first time, Landquart participated on european level - too strong. Only 3 degree Celsisus, but 1.200 spectator saw a very close game in halftime one, before the french favorite could decide the game.

Landquart Broncos Ready to snap
(c) Landquart Broncos
Landquart Broncos Ready to snap
(c)Landquart Broncos

Eurobowl: Paris Flash beat the Landquart Broncos in the second half: 28-6

The Landquart Broncos were close, but it wasn’t enough: After an even first half, the French Champion Paris Flash beat the Swiss Champion Landquart Broncos in front of 1200 spectators in Stadium Ringstrasse in Chur, Switzerland, 28:6.

It was an unfriendly day in the Swiss mountains, with freezing tempreatures and light rain. Nevertheless, more than 1200 spectators wanted to see the first Eurobowl game in history of the Swiss champion Landquart Broncos.

The game started very bad for the Broncos. After a missed alignment, the American Flash-Quarterback Braxton Shaver hit his Receiver Fabrice Babin for a 15-Yard-Touchdown. After that, the Broncos defense got stronger and stopped the Paris offense time after time. Also the Broncos offense got stronger and had some nice drives. It was Fullback David Korsun, who scored from 1-Yard out at the end of the first quarter, but the extra-point sailed wide left. In the second quarter, the game momentum changed and the Paris Offense couldnt do anything at all anymore. The Broncos offense had some nice scoring opportunities, but failed on two crucial 4th and short situations. The second half started like the first: A quick Paris touchdown. After a long kickoff return to the Broncos 35-yard-line, the Flash scored on the first play from the scrimmage line by National team member Camara Dialla just seconds into the second half. After that, the Broncos offense had a rough time and couldn’t get going anymore. Especially the passing game didnt’t work at all, especially because Paris put a lot of pressure on the Broncos offense. The result: Bronco-Quarterback Neil Hall was sacked four times and intercepted twice. On the other hand, Hall was the leading rusher for the Broncos with 109 yards out of 13 carries (sacks not included). But the momentum had switched definetely into Paris hands, although the Broncos stopped the Flash on a nice goalline stand in four plays in the middle of the third quarter. After another three and out for the Broncos, Paris scored on another long touchdown run by the quick Dialla and started to control the game. Another TD run in the fourth quarter set the final score of 6:28.

The next game in Eurobowl competition group 3 is between the Paris Flash and the Badalona Dragons (8th of May), and for the last group game, the Landquart Broncos travel to Barcelona on May 29th.

Game Statistics Eurobowl Group 3

Landquart Broncos – Paris Flash 6:28 (6:7, 0:0, 0:14, 0:7)

Day: Saturday, 10th of April 2004.
Location: Stadium Ringstrasse, Chur (Switzerland).
Attendance: 1200.
Weather: Rainy, 5 degrees Celsius.
Start game: 5 pm.


1st Quarter
Paris Flash: 15-Yard-Pass Braxton Shaver to Fabrice Babin (EP Eric Lhonorey) 0:7
Landquart Broncos: 1-Yard-Run David Korsun (EP missed) 6:7

3rd Quarter
Paris Flash: 33-Yard-Run Camara Dialla (EP Eric Lhonorey) 6:14
Paris Flash: 75-Yard-Run Camara Dialla (EP Eric Lhonorey) 6:21

4th Quarter
Paris Flash: 35-Yard-Run Camara Dialla (EP Eric Lhonorey) 6:28

Team Stats:

Total Offense Landquart Paris
Plays – Yards: 51-135 49-314
Rushing: Att-Yards 34-112 24-217
Passing: Att-Yards 17-23-0 TD-2 INT 10-25-97-1 TD-1 INT

Paris: Braxton Shaver 10 of 25 for 97 Yards, 1 TD, 1 INT.
Landquart: Neil Hall 3 of 17 for 23 Yards, 0 TD, 2 INT.

Paris: Camara Dialla 8-153. Tokotsho Mutambue 11-41. René Biennesca 2-19. Guillaume Dume 1-8. David Anglo1- -2. Braxton Shaver 1- -2.
Landquart: Neil Hall 17-81. Samuel Koch 4-13. Martin Seiler 7-10. David Korsun 3-6, 1 TD. Raffael Tavarez 3-2.
Paris: Patrick Wack 5-30. Fabrice Babin 2-24-1 TD. Nicolas Fleury 2-20. Didier Descas 1-15. Camara Dialla 1-8.
Landquart: Owen Sullanger 3-23.

Paris: 10 for 88, Indja Abdelkader wegen Reklamierens ejected.
Landquart: 5 for 50.

Defense (only Landquart stats):
Broncos: Owen Sullenger 8 1/2 Tackles, 1 INT. David Korsun 5 Tackles, 1 Fumble Recovery. Marco Gallina 3 1/2 Tackles. Urs Cantieni 2 1/2 Tackles. Paul Hayes 2 Tackles. Behar Mustafa 1 1/2 Tackles. Emir Bensalem 1 1/2 Tackle, 1 Fumble Forced. Richard Andersag 1 1/2 Tackle. Lennon Shurman 1 1/2 Tackles. Hanspeter Wittwer 1 Tackle, 1 Fumble Recovery. David Bättig 1 Tackle. Mathias Brändli 1 Tackle. Philipp Rapp 1 Tackle.

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