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PA Farnham Knights
(c) PA Farnham Knights


26.04.2004 Farnham Knights

GB: Personal Assurance Knights beat Ipswich Cardinals

Farnham Knights continue their successful season 2004 in their english league by beating the Cardinals 54 : 6.

On the run
(c) Zürich Renegades
On the run
(c)Zürich Renegades

Subject: Knights avenge last years play off defeat

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 1

Having lost to the Cardinals 13-12 in double overtime last year - this was
the result of yesterdays game.

Personal Assurance Knights 54 - 6 MCP Ipswich Cardinals

The PA Knights moved their record on to 3-0 and became the only currently
undefeated team in the Div1 South Conference. With their Offense firing on
all cylinders and their Defense dominating the Knights made this game a
surprisingly one sided aff
The Knights had two one hundred yard performances from running backs last
week - this time it was the Quarterbacks who provided a double ton up.
Starter Ashley Heath threw for 119yds and 2 TD's and things got no easier
for the Cardinals when Luke Smith took over as he continued the aerial
bombardment with 105yds and another score

All 6 of the Knights running backs carried the ball with a stellar
performance from Kingsley Ejiogu, 152yds and 4TD's from just 8 carries,
leading the ground attack.
On the Defense Tony Mackenzie was again the leading tackler whilst the hit
of the day was a Moses Tomas tackle on Cardinals Power Back Paul Borstel
which rated a Richter Scale measurement. Another defensive highlight was an
interception from D Tackle Chris Cook - with the length of the return
growing with every telling of the story !!.

The Knights received the opening kick off and set the tone for the day on
their first possesion. Kingsley Ejiogu continued to show his value since his
closed season move from the Oxford Saints with a 60yd scoring burst behind
the blocking of the Knights Offensive line and his new mentor Tony Stitt.
The Knights extra point attempt failed and the home team had an early lead
The Cardinals took over on Offense and came out with a wishbone attack, more
often associated in the BSL with the Knights, consisting of the powerful
trio of Mackinley Greer, Paul Borstel and Steve Coles. The Knights defense
however were not phased by this new look and three plays later the Cardinals
were punting.

The Knights returned to Offense and two long runs from Kingsley Ejiogu and
Tony Stitt set them up at the Cardinal 15yd line. Quarterback Ashley Heath
threaded a pass between two defenders to find former Cardinal James Rolan in
the endzone for six. Jon Wyse added the extra point and the home team led

The Cardinals came back out on Offense but found the Knights defense more
than ready - another 3 play drive ended in with a Cardinal punt.
The Knights took the field and on first down Ejiogu sprinted 55yds for what
appeared to be the Knights third score - unfortunately a holding penalty
brought the play back and the Knights stalled after a second holding penalty
on the drive and they were forced to punt.

The Cardinals faired a little better on their next drive as they made some
progress before once again being forced to punt as the first quarter ende
with the score remaing at 13-0.
The Knights started the second quarter determined to correct the errors on
their previous drive. Excellent running from Tony Stitt, Marc Saunders and
Keith Theobald again put them deep in Cardinal territory. It was once again
the Heath/Rolan connection that finished the drive as the British QB found
the American Receiver from 4yds out. Jon Wyse added the extra point and the
Knights led 20-0.
The next Cardinal series was abruptly halted as they tried to power their
way on a third down conversion - Tony Mackenzie avoided a double team block
to make a tackle in the backfield and force the visitors to punt. Former
Cardinal Chris McIver was waiting to return the kick for the Knights and he
rocketed past the cover team to 57yds into the endzone - again unfortunately
#the Knights were judged to have held on the play and the penalty negated the
score. The Knights however took over on Offense.

Five plays later Kingsley Ejiogu scored his second touchdown as he sprinted
in for 6 points from 24yds. The extra point attempt failed and the Knights
led 26-0.

Things got worse for the visitors on the first play of their next drive as
Steve "H Bomb" Harrison caused and recovered a fumble - giving the ball
straight back to the Knights.

It was time for another Knights 1 play drive and the third TD of the day for
#33 Ejiogu as he weaved his way through tackles for a 28yd score. Tony Stitt
carried the 2 point conversion the required distance and the Knights led
The Cardinals were determined to fight their way back into the game and on
fourth down QB Stephen Massey ran 8yds to keep the drive alive. Three plays
later the Cards made the same decision and went for it on 4th down. This
time however Knights DT Chris Cook found a rare opportunity to have the ball
in his hands as he intercepted Massey's pass which was thrown under pressure
from Mackenzie, Liam Smith and Aaron Cole.

The Knights closed out the half with their seventh possesion and went into
the locker room leading 34-0.
The first Cardinal possession of the second half ended with a monster sack
from Stuart Clackson and the Cardinals were forced to punt the ball away -
Punter Steve Coles once again achieving a good result under pressure from
the Knights.
QB Ashley Heath was still at the controls and after a soild drive another
Heath/Rolan connection saw the Knights set up on the Cardinal 8yd line.On
the next play Kingsley Ejiogu blasted into the endzone for his fourth TD and
with the extra point from Wyse the Knights increased their lead to 41-0.
The Cardinals knew that the game was getting beyond reach but with their
well known spirit they continued to try to battle their way back into it.
Once again going for a fourth down conversion they were stopped by the
Knights Defense and were forced to hand the ball over to the Knights on

Luke Smith took over at QB for the Knights and engineered a solid drive up
the field with key receptions from Rodney Edgerton,Russell Ellis and Jon
Wyse. The drive ended however with a pass intercepted in the endzone by a
Cardinal Defense who refused to give up the battle. The Cardinals therefore
had the ball back as the third quarter ended
The Knights defense were equally determined however and the ball was back in Luke Smith's hand after 3 plays and a punt from the visitors.
This time the young QB made no mistake and his 49yd pass to Dudley Graham
increased the Knights lead to 48-0 after Jon Wyse added the extra point.
The teams then rapidly exchanged possession with an exchange of punts and
the Cardinals had the ball back midway through the final quarter. On third
down Massey passed deep looking for a quick score but Mark Lloyd stepped up
for the Knights second interception returning the ball into Cardinal
Gavin Hart had taken over at tailback for the Knights and made good ground
on two succesive runs. QB Smith then found Dwayne Clarke open at the 1yd
line on a 13yd pick up. From there Pete Fulford pounded his way to 6 points
and with the conversion again failing the Knights led 54-0.
The Cardinals would still not give up and a long recption from Massey to
Steve Coles saw them on a rare trip deep into Knights territory. Marvin
Jimerson - also a former Cardinal - stepped up to intercept the next
Cardinal pass which would have effectively ended the game - a defensive
penalty however gave the Cards a final chance to score. Massey took full
advantage as Stuart Brereton dived full length for a consolation 6 points.
The Knights blocked the extra point attempt and the score stood at 54-6.
The Knights duly took a knee on the next possession to kill the clock and
seal a fine win.

Head coach Steve Rains said "A lot had been said about this game because of
our play off loss to the Cardinals last year and the movement of Coach's and
players from Northgate to Guildford. I am pleased that the team put all of
that to one side and simply got down to business. Full credit to all the
players, especially the Oline, and my coaching staff - in particular
Offensive Co-ordinator Rick Bice who put together our attacking game plan"
Rick Bice commented "The guys were tremendous - they executed well and this
shows the value of work done at well attended practices. As Coach Rains said
the Oline were tremendous - as always- and while its tough to single out
individuals for praise both Kingsley Ejiogu and James Rolan did particularly
well today".

Quarterbacks Coach Paul Allison added "I believe that this is the first time
in recent history that the Knights have had two 100yd+ QB's - hopefully with
the pairing of Ashley and Luke we won't make you wait so long for the next
time, they were both tremendous today"

Defensive Co-ordinator Ian Ellis paid tribute to the whole defensive unit
and to Asst Head Coach James Mitchell who has added his expertise to a much
improved Knights D "We had a solid base to our Defense but guys like Chris
McIver, Marvyn Jimerson and Neil Edwards have given us an extra dimension.
The exploitation of the opportunities created by that mix has been possible
through the work that Coach Mitchell and I have done together - this is a
great situation for us to be in and the whole club is buzzing with

The Knights continue their domestic campaign next week at home to last years
Division 2 National Champions - the Bristol Aztecs - kick off is at 2-30pm
at the Varsity Centre in Guildford.


Score by Quarter
Knights 13 - 21 - 7 - 14 54
Cardinals 0 - 0 - 0 - 6 6

Knights Offense
Passing A Heath 7 of 16 119yds 2TD L Smith 6 of 11 105yds 1TD 1Int
Receiving J Rolan 3 for 54yds 2TD R Edgerton 3 for 17yds J Barclay 2 for 28yds D Graham 1 for 49yds 1TD R Ellis 1 for 31yds J Wyse 1 for 17yds S Peck 1 for 15yds D Clarke 1 for 13yds
Rushing K Ejiogu 8 for 152yds 4TD G Hart 5 for 47yds A Stitt 4 for 41yds K Theobald 1 for 22yds M Saunders 2 for 18yds P Fulford 1 for 1yd 1TD

Knights Passing 13 of 27 for 224yds 3TD
Rushing 21 for 281yds 5TD

Total 48 plays 505yds 8TD

Passing 5 of 25 for 53yds 1TD (3 sacks -23yds)
Rushing 24 for 79yds
Total 49 plays 132yds 1TD (109yds Net)

Knights Defense (highlights)
Tony Mackenzie 6 Tackles
Moses Tomas 6 Tackles
Chris McIver 5 Tackles
Chris Cook 1 Int
Mark Lloyd 1 Int
S Clackson 1 sack
Aaron Cole 1 sack
Lawrence Lamontagne 1 sack
Steve Harrison 1 FF + 1 FR

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