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19.04.2015 Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns

Unicorns gain a 57:15 win over Berlin Adler in the BIG6

The Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns celebrate a perfect start to the season 2015: On Saturday they won the BIG6 match against the Berlin Adler 57:15 at the Schwaebisch Hall Hagenbach Stadium.

Positive for the Unicorns fans: They could realize, that the new Unicorns players fit into the team very well. With Christian Rycraw, Tim Stadelmayr, Moritz Böhringer and Daniel Washington scored four Unicorns newcomers a total of 40 points.

Rycraw, Böhringer, Stadelmayr and Tobias Häfner ensured by their touchdowns and extra points in the first quarter for a 26:7 lead. The Berlin counter-points are conceded to the intermediate score of 19:7, when the guests after ten minutes of playing time completed their first pass play. Before and after that little could be seen from the Adler offense. Five times Berlin quarterback Felix Reiss was sacked from the Haller defenders, four times in the first half.

There was no remedy for the Berlin Defense against balanced and varied Unicorns offense. Christian Rycraw and Moritz Böhringer - with a pass from Marco Ehrenfried - increased to 40:7 (PAT Stadelmayr) before Gerhard Jäger could intercept a Berlin pass. Thomas Rauch turned this possession with a 50-yard field goal to 43:7 half-time score.

After the break, Unicorns Head Coach Siegfried Gehrke took his first string from the field. "All available backups had playing time today," Gehrke said after the game and was pleased that his team succeeded in this constellation to control the Adler. Not only that, in the third quarter Daniel Washington, who plays mainly in the Unicorns defense, and Lucas Schäfer (both PAT Stadelmayr) increased the score to 57:7.

Five seconds before the end, the Adler scored the last touchdown of the game. Sebastian Krech achieved this with a pass from Felix Reiss (CON Yuki Ikei) for 57:15.

"We knew that the Adler have some organizational problems," Siegfried Gehrke said after the game. "The fact that these problems have left their mark on Berlin's squad has been shown today." He was still proud that his team could win the game already clear in the first half. "It was also a good test for our new defense system, which we have passed well, despite some noticeable gaps."

Qurarter scores: 26:7 / 17:0 / 14:0 / 0:8 / Final 57:15

Spectators: 1.300

6:0 – Christian Rycraw – 15-Yard-Lauf (PAT missed)
12:0 – Moritz Böhringer – 47-Yard-Pass from Marco Ehrenfried (PAT missed)
19:0 – Christian Rycraw – 1-Yard-Lauf (PAT Tim Stadelmayr)
19:7 – Nicolai Schumann – 25-Yard-Pass from Felix Reiss (PAT Martin Jacob)
26:7 – Tobias Häfner – 4-Yard-Lauf (PAT Tim Stadelmayr)
33:7 – Moritz Böhringer – 40-Yard-Pass from Marco Ehrenfried (PAT Tim Stadelmayr)
40:7 – Chrsitian Rycraw – 5-Yard-Lauf (PAT Tim Stadelmayr)
43:7 – Thomas Rauch – 50-Yard-Fieldgoal
50:7 – Daniel Washington – 10-Yard-Lauf (PAT Tim Stadelmayr)
57:7 – Lucas Schäfer – 5-Yard-Pass from Marco Ehrenfried (PAT Tim Stadelmayr)
57:15 – Sebastian Krech – 25-Yard-Pass from Felix Reiss (CON Yuki Ikei)

Group A
Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns572617140
Berlin Adler157008

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