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L´Hospitalet Pioners
(c) L´Hospitalet Pioners


12.05.2004 L´Hospitalet Pioners

Close game in Barcelona

The first game L´Hospitalet Pioners played in their club history in an european EFAF Club Team Competition was a success. The game against the Austrian Vice-Champion 2003, ÖKO-BOX Graz Giants, was open long time. After leading at halftime by 12:10 the Pioners lost the game in the second half by 20:30.

The L´Hospitalet Pioners gave a big fight to the Graz Giants.

(c) L´Hospitalet Pioners
The L´Hospitalet Pioners gave a big fight to the Graz Giants.
(c)L´Hospitalet Pioners

Great European opening of Pioners L’Hospitalet.

700 people went to the Municipal Stadium of L’Hospitalet to watch the game between the Pioners and Graz Giants.

Pioners opened with their offense, trying to run the ball with RB Nordi Ben Moussa , but the Austrian defense did not give any chance and, after three plays, Pioners punted the ball. Nevertheless, the Giants’ offense drive finished the same (three plays and punt).
In next drive, the Pioners got to Giants’ red by short pass of QB Ramon Figueroa to Ben Moussa, who ran through the defense. Pioners tried a field goal, that was blocked by Thomas Jantscher.
After another offense drive of Giants without consequences, Ramon Figueroa threw the ball more than 30 yards to Sergi Vélez, that toke the Spaniards to the Austrians red zone again. Then, Ben Moussa ran the ball being stopped one yard to the goal line. Was Ramon Figueroa who finally crossed the line with a QB sneak, to become the first player of Pioners scoring in a European competition.
Then, Giants QB, Adam Lane, began throwing the ball to his WR Armando Ponce de Leon, who scored the TD that left the 6-7 in the scoreboard (the extra point was good).
Once again, Pioners tried again to run the ball with Ben Moussa, but LB Alexander Cucek kept him under control; a sack to Ramon Figueroa and an incomplete pass, forced Pioners to punt.
The Austrians to run the ball too with Martin Grasseger, that fulfilled the hard work of replacing the American RB Clint Feminis. Nevertheless, once again Leo Caires and Ryan Gilmore stopped the Austrian attack. Giants got close enough to try the field goal and score three new points. Now, was Pioners’ turn. Ramon Figueroa ran with the ball in several occasions in broken plays. He completed, then, Kristian Dietrich with a 33 yards pass, that left the ball in yard 5. Now was Caires who, playing TE caught the pass of Figueroa in the end zone and scored a new TD.
The score was 12-10 for Pioners at half time.

The Giants opened the second part attacking. Again Martin Grasseger ran time and time again, from coast to coast practically on his own, and scored the TD, that put the Austrians again ahead in the scoreboard.
Pioners returned to the attack but, once again, a penalty moved them back disabling any option to advance.
Martin Grasseger advanced the ball again, taking advantage of the evident fatigue of the Pioners’ players, less in number. Again, Martin scored a Td with a long run.
Pioners attacked again, but Ramon Figueroa threw a risky pass, that was intercepted and gave the possession to Giants again.
In the following attack, Adam Lane showed the best of his passing game, and threw a 15 yards pass to Armando Ponce de Leon that ran other 45, to score the last TD of Giants.
A couple of drives without annotation on the part of both teams, passed before Pioners scored his last TD, achieved by Leo Caires that caught a 26 yards pass of 26 yards in the Austrian end zone. In this occasion, Pioners tried the extra game, and Ryan Gilmore caught a pass.
Both teams had a last offense drive, but the scoreboard marker didn’t change, being the final score 20-30 for Giants.

Score (quarters-final) 1 2 3 4

Pioners L’Hospitalet 0 12 0 8 20
Graz Giants 0 10 13 7 30

1st quarter

2nd quarter

Pioners #13 Ramon Figueroa 06-00 TD
Giants #15 Armando Ponce de Leon 06-06 TD
Giants #62 Christoph Kipperer 06-07 EP
Giants #62 Christoph Kipperer 06-10 FG
Pioners #45 Leo Caires 12-10 TD

3rd quarter

Giants #11 Martin Grasseger 12-16 TD
Giants #11 Martin Grasseger 12-22 TD
Giants #62 Christoph Kipperer 12-23 EP

4th quarter

Giants #15 Armando Ponce de Leon 12-29 TD
Giants #62 Christoph Kipperer 12-30 EP
Pioners #45 Leo Caires 18-30 TD
Pioners #9 Ryan Gilmore 20-30 EG


RUSHES: 35 for 119 yards
Top RB: #2 Nordi Ben Moussa, 21 for 66 yards
PASSING: 189 yards
(Att-cmp-int): 26-11-1
Top WR: #2 Nordi Ben Moussa, 3 catches for 57 yards
TACKLES: Top tackler: #45 Leo Caires, 4 solo – 11 asist.


RUSHES: 24 for 115 yards
Top RB: #11 Martin Grasseger, 21 for 97 yards
PASSING: 180 yards
(Att-cmp-int): 23-12-1
Top WR: #15 Armando Ponce de Leon, 6 catches for 112 yards
TACKLES: Top tackler: #31 Alexander Cucek, 10 solo – 3 asist.

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