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Carlstad Crusaders


12.05.2004 Carlstad Crusaders

Game Preview Carlstad Crusaders against Vikings

The following game preview about the upcoming game aginst the Chrysler Vikings Vienna was sent out by their this weekends opponent Carlstad Crusaders.

(c) Carlstad Crusaders

Karlstad 040512

Game preview from Carlstad Crusaders American Football Club

Carlstad Crusaders @ Vienna Vikings, Hohe Warte, Sunday May 16th at 15.00

#1 vs #3

This week it will be #1 versus #3 in the current European rankings. The Crusaders will play the Vienna Vikings in what will be the biggest game so far in Crusader history. This game will feature two European teams with very good players.

The Vikings are loaded with incredibly talented import players led by QB Shawn Olsson. Surrounding the many American and European passport players are some excellent Austrian players. Vienna is currently undefeated in there national league and are considered the favorites in the Eurobowl tournament.

The Crusaders will bring a team comprised mostly of Swedish players and only two American players. Leading the Crusader offense will be Swedish QB Johan Larsson. Anchoring the backfield will be Christian Larsson and Christian Forsman. The multi-talented Joakim Holm will play RB/TE and Slot back. The Defense of the Crusaders will face the biggest challenge in a long time. They will face an explosive offense that is scoring alot of points. The Crusaders have not given up more than 28 points in any game over the last two years and that was the Swedish Championship game against Stockholm Mean Machines 2002.

This game will feature one of the true European powerhouses that have built a strong organization and brought in super talented import players surrounded by great national players against a newcomer to top 5 that has built up an organization on national players. It will be a great measuring stick to see where the Crusaders are with the best in Europe.

/BD Kennedy
Headcoach Carlstad Crusaders

Last weeks games
Turku Trojans - Arlanda Jets 10 - 0
Carlstad Crusaders - NFA Monarchs 17 - 7
L´Hospitalet Pioners - Graz Giants 20 - 30
La Courneuve Flash - Badalona Drags 14- 17

Current standing Eurobowl Division 1
Carlstad Crusaders 1 1 0 0 17 7
Vienna Vikings 0 0 0 0 0 0
NFA Monarchs 1 0 0 1 7 17

This weeks Eurobowl games (More info at www.eurobowl.com)
15.05.2004 14:00 Moscow Patriots - Turku Trojans Moscow
15.05.2004 16:30 Bergamo Lions - L´Hospitalet Pioners Bergamo
16.05.2004 15:00 Vienna Vikings - Carlstad Crusaders Vienna

Preliminary starters in Carlstad Crusaders
Defense: Offense:
DL Per Rindberg OL Tim Watts
DL Fredrik Vikberg OL Magnus Dahlin
DL Eric Håkansson OL Eric Håkansson
LB Martin Ullbrandt OL Martin Falk
LB Per Fridberg OL Hans Gunnarsson
LB Martin Larsson RB Christian Forsman
LB Daniel Jansson RB Christian Larsson
DB Morgan Wik TE Joakim Holm
DB Robert Sundberg WR Kalle Flognman
DB Marcus Jonsson WR Anders Ohlson
DB Tracey Gere QB Johan Larsson

Injury report
Out: DL Johan Asker Knee 5-6 weeks
DL Carl Carlsson Leg 2-3 weeks
OL Rickard Mäkitalo Knee 6-30 weeks
Possible: -
Probable: RB Rikard Borg Knee
DB Marcus Jonsson Back

For more info please contact:
Robert Sundberg, General Manager Carlstad Crusaders
+46 705-11 11 33

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