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18.05.2004 Moscow Tanks

Donetsk beat Moscow Tanks second time

After the close win of Donetsk Scythians last weekend against Tanks (17:15) in Donetsk everybody expected a competitive close game again. But this time the Ukrainians could dominate the game and win against the Tanks team the second time in two weeks.

The Scythians enter the field.
(c) Braunschweig Lions
The Scythians enter the field.
(c)Braunschweig Lions


Moscow Tanks vs Donetsk Skifs
Sunday, May, 16 May 2004, 15:00; Stadium “Spartak - 2”, Moscow

On the 16th of May another international tournament – EFAF Cup – took place at the stadium Spartak 2. And if the result of the game between “Moscow Patriots” and “Turku Trojans” was obvious almost from the very beginning, the match between young team “Moscow Tanks” and experienced “Donetsk Skifs” was full of tension and intrigue.

The score was opened by the Moscow team. The TD scored by Dmitry Medved (# 17) and the extra point put Tanks ahead in the scoreboard with the score 7:0. Then their opponents repeated the same play successfully. The score was equalized – 7:7. But after that Skifs scored two more TDs and in the beginning of the second part the score gap increased to 20:7. Tanks fought desperately and managed to reduce this gap. In the forth quarter Vasilchenko Alexandr (# 7) scored the TD and the score became 20:13.

Till the very final whistle Tanks were trying to change the situation. They held their record during this game - made several interceptions and two fumbles. Each of these plays could completely change the course of the game in their favor. But the great score gap they committed in the second half and lack of time didn’t allow Tanks to change the game. The final score is 34:13 for Skifs.

Denis Tyapaev, Moscow Tanks

Moscow Tanks vs Donetsk Scythians (May 16, 2004)
Unofficial sideline statistics

Box Score

Box Score (Final)
Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Score
----------------- -- -- -- -- -----
Moscow Tanks..... 7 0 0 6 - 13
Donetsk Scythians... 7 6 7 14 - 34

Team Statistics

Team Statistics (Final)
Scythians Tanks

Rushing Attempts.............. 28 34
NET YARDS RUSHING............. 144 70
NET YARDS PASSING............. 150 107
Passes Attempted............ 28 32
Passes Completed............ 12 11
Had Intercepted............. 3 1
TOTAL NET YARDS............... 294 177
Average Gain Per Play....... 5.3 2.7
Fumbles: Number-Lost.......... 3-1 2-2
Sacks By: Number-Yards........ 3-21 0-0

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