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06.04.2017 IFAF Europe

EFL: Season starts in Milan

Rhinos Milano welcome the Dauphins de Nice

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On Saturday, 8th of April, the international team competitions in Europe will start with the kick-off meeting of the EFL. In Milan, the Rhinos Milano hosts the Dauphins de Nice at 5 p.m. at Stadio Gianni Brera.

For both teams it is a question of reach a good starting position for the rematch on 6th of May to move into the final. Unlike in group B, where three teams are competing for the final, the group A is only staffed with these two teams.

Before the first game, however, the preconditions could hardly be more different. While the Italians continued to dominate their opponents as they did last season, when they won all ten games and already have an actual record of 4-0, the team from South France is not really successful in the current championship round. It wasn´t a good start with only one victory and three losses, but these against the strong teams of Thonon, Aix-en-Provence and La Courneuve.

Therefore Milan's offensive coordinator Andrea Vecci is cautious. "I think is a hard game because for many players is the first experience in Europe and mostly because Dolphins Nice is a very strong team with solid defense and important running game. We prepare this game like we always do know that, we need to confirm everything that we did last year and this season. We have to train to correct all the mistakes made in the first four games of this season, because in these games every mistake will change the course of the game."

A decisive question will be whether the defense of the French can disturb the circles of Quarterback TJ Pryor. The team leader is the preeminent actor of the Milanese and already has five touchdown passes and nine touchdown runs in the first four games of the season.

In addition, the rhinos signed with Linebacker Allison Jeremiah an extra US-American only for the EFL competition.

On Saturday, every football fan and expert will see if it was the right decision.

Sat., 8th of April, 5 p.m., Stadio Gianni Brera: Rhinos Milano - Dauphins de Nice

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