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EFL-Bowl: Thonon Black Panthers receive Rhinos Milano

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On Saturday, 10th of June, the Thonon Black Panthers and the Rhinos Milano will fight for the EFL title in the Stade Joseph Moynat from 6p.m..

Both teams will compete in France with their best team and will be able to make an open strike. Both the hosts and the Rhinos are undefeated in the EFL so far. Thonon won against the Prague Black Panthers and the Berlin Adler, Milan qualified with two successes against the Nice Dolphins.

The Black Panthers currently have a record of eight wins and two defeats in France.

The Italians have an unpaid invoice with the Black Panthers by missing their entry into the 2011 European final by defeating from Thonon. In the domestic league they dominated their opponents this season and ended the regular season with 10-0 victories.

Milano´s president Alessio D’Ascenzo: “ We have been working very well in the last couple of weeks and we are confident that we are going to play an excellent game on Saturday. Thonon is a great team and I'm sure that the battle should be won in the trenches. If we win there we should be able to control the clock and put the game on the right track. As we do both run a lot the football this key is applicable to both teams.”

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