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24.05.2004 Roskilde Kings

London Os win in Roskilde

The Roskilde Kings could not stop the London Os. After four quarters the Kings were beaten by 38:6. The physically strong english team took this advantage and dominated the danish club. Roskildes second european season in a row after last years game against Carlstad Crusaders was an experience so far.

Defense against Monarchs
(c) NFA Monarchs
Defense against Monarchs
(c)NFA Monarchs

Get of the track, the train is coming!

Saturday the 22nd of May:

The Kings of Roskilde played host to the Os of London in EFAF Cup-tournament. Already from the outset it was obvious that it was going to take an effort of Herculean proportions on behalf of the Kings to pull a victory on their home turf.

The London Os dominated every aspect of the game, scoring seemingly at will both on the ground and in the air.

The Roskilde were able to muster a consolation TD at the end of the game, but it did not change the fact, that they didnt get of the tracks, and the train came.

Morten Elbek
Roskilde Kings

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