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EFL: Milano Seamen took a victory from Badalona – Italian champion won 23-10

The Badalona Dracs added their first defeat of the season in the debut of the EFL 2018. The Italian champion, the Milano Seamen, broke the streak of almost a year without knowing the defeat for the hosts. For the Seamen it was the second consecutive win in the actual season.

The visit of the transalpines was conditioned by the weather, since the heavy rain that fell during the whole day in Badalona limited much of the offensive plays on both sides.

The game started with many inaccuracies of both teams, who tried to adapt to the difficult conditions of the game.

After a first quarter that ended without much movement on the scoreboard, the Milanese moved ahead in the second quarter, thanks to a field goal of 26 yards of Lorenzo Vezzoli. A little later, the local kicker Guillem García tied the score with a 31 yards field goal, bringing the scoring to a 3-3 in the first half.

The Dracs did not take advantage of some opportunities in the red zone of the Italians in the first half and they paid for that mistakes at the beginning of the third quarter, when the Seamen got two touchdowns.

The Italian quarterback Luke Zahradka connected two passes of 23 and 4 yards to Stefano Di Tunisi and Claudio Buccellato, that, along with the extra point kicked by American Xavier Mitchell, meant a 3-17 at the beginning of the last quarter.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, Di Tunisi extended the differences with another throw for 4 yards to Zahradka (3-23).

Finally, Sergi Gonzalo connected a great pass of 25 yards to Brandon Ravenel, who managed to place the final score 10-23 after the extra point transformed by Guillem Garcia.

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