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BIG6 EUROBOWL Tournament: German teams celebrate away wins

In the battle for EUROBOWL XXXII, the two German teams each won their away game and took a big step towards EUROBOWL participation.

Defending champion Braunschweig New Yorker Lions prevailed briefly in France at Flash La Courneuve. In a highly competitive game, the hosts were equal for a long time and even looked like the winner in the meantime. Flash went into the last quarter with 6:3, allowing only one field goal against the reigning EUROBOWL champion in front of more than 1,000 spectators in the Stade Géo André.

But at the end, the New Yorker Lions decided the game after a 75-yard touchdown by Justus Holtz for the Germans.

Amsterdam Crusaders loose against Frankfurt Universe

Significantly clearly ended the game of the Amsterdam Crusaders against the Frankfurt Universe. Last year's EUROBOWL participant from Hesse was able to prevail clearly with 40: 9 in the Netherlands.

The Crusaders were not able to bring any points on the scoreboard in the first two quarters of the game and were behind with 0:13 against the Universe at half-time. The nine points in the third section of the game did not help the Dutch either, as Frankfurt for its part could make another 20 points. Another touchdown of the guests in the last quarter made the clear victory of the Universe perfect.

On April 28th, the two German teams will enjoy home rights when the New Yorker Lions meet the Amsterdam Crusaders and Frankfurt Universe receives Flash La Courneuve.

BIG6 EUROBOWL Tournament, 1st game day:

Flash La Courneuve - New Yorker Lions 6:10 (0:3/0:0/6:0/0:7)
Amsterdam Crusaders - Frankfurt Universe 9:40 (0:7/0:6/9:20/0:7)

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