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EFL: Potsdam Royals crown their international debut with a hands-down victory -

German team wins 72:0 at the Brussels Tigers

Brussels - What a jet-black day for the host, what a triumph for the debutant! The newcomer on an international level, the Potsdam Royals from the vicinity of Berlin, was able to celebrate a first victory in the first match of the EFL with a 72:0-walkover at the Brussels Tigers.

The Belgians, who competed in the Atlantic Cup last year and also a new face in the EFL, were in an inferior position on every side of the ball and had nothing to oppose to the puncher from Germany. Already after the first quarter the game in the Complexe sportif d'Evere was decided - the Royals led with 30:0.

All the efforts of the Tigers, who had to pay untiringly for their first game in group A, were in vain. They also stay the rest of the quarters without points.

On the other hand, the team from Potsdam scored two more touchdowns in each of the other three game sections.

EFL, Group A:
Brussels Tigers - Potsdam Royals 0:72 (0:30/0:14/0:14/0:14)

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