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EFL: Calanda Broncos join in the fight for the EFL crown

home game against the Brussels Tigers

As the last team, the Calanda Broncos enter the fight for the crown of the EFL on Sunday. The Swiss will host the Brussels Tigers, who lost their first game in Group A against the Potsdam Royals with 0-72.

With the encounter, the Broncos return to the international stage for the first time since 2014. In the domestic league, the Swiss have dominated the competition so far and secured five wins from five games.

What these have been worth will be shown against the team from Belgium. The Tigers, who struggled with several injuries against the Royals, will have learned from the defeat against the German GLF team and enter their second encounter in the EFL with great motivation.

Even the Broncos will go into the game with the necessary seriousness. Finally, the Swiss could force a real final for the group victory against the Royals with a win against the Tigers.

"I think Potsdam has showed themselves to be the team to beat in this tournament", said Broncos Head Coach Geoff Buffum when asked about the outlook in the EFL in 2018. "Brussels got off to a slow start against the Royals and wasn't able to get on track. With that game experience behind them, we expect them to be ready for this game. Our players are very excited to play our club's 1st international game in several years, only 11 of our 45 players were on the last Broncos team to play in this type of game, so it will be a new experience for us, too."

EFL, 3rd game day:

Sunday, April 29th, 2:00 pm, stadium Ringstaße: Calanda Broncos - Brussels Tigers

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