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EUROBOWL XXXII on 9th of June 2018 in Frankfurt/Main

The final of EUROBOWL XXXII between Samsung Frankfurt Universe and defending champion New Yorker Lions from Braunschweig will be played on 9th of June at the PSD Bank Arena in Frankfurt/Main.

For the fifth time in the history of the EUROBOWL it comes to a purely German final, which is also the new edition of the EUROBOWL of the previous year. Samsung Frankfurt Universe can target the hoped-for revenge for the previous year's defeat at the same place in front of their home crowd. At the end of April, the two finalists qualified for the EUROBOWL XXXII with clear home wins on the final round of the qualifying games (Frankfurt vs. Paris 48-6, Braunschweig vs. Amsterdam 60-0).

The alignment of the final in the PSD Bank Arena is organized in close cooperation with Samsung Frankfurt Universe of AFV Germany through its event company "German Football Service".
The fact that the EUROBOWL XXXII should be played again in Frankfurt this year was also the declared wish of the city of Frankfurt/Main. Markus Frank, head of sports department of the city of Frankfurt: "40 years ago, the German and European tradition in American football began in our city. Especially in this jubilee year, it is self-evident that the European finale has to take place at the sports city of Frankfurt. We have the ideal conditions for another big Frankfurt football party at the PSD Arena on Bornheimer Hang and look forward to celebrating it with guests from Braunschweig and football fans from all over Europe."

Kickoff for the EUROBOWL XXXII will presumably be at 19.30 on the 9th of June, advance booking details will be available shortly.

The organization of the event is in the hands of the event company of AFV Germany, which performs, among other things, the German Bowl in Berlin or international tournaments for the association.

Robert Huber, President of the AFV Germany, is pleased about the repeated entry of two German teams into the final: "The top position of our football players in Europe is once again documented in the EUROBOWL XXXII. Samsung Frankfurt Universe and the New Yorker Lions act as a guarantor for German American football at the highest level, many of the strongest German and European players and some of the best Americans in Europe play for these two top teams of the German Football Leauge. The sporting conditions for EUROBOWL XXXII could not have been better, and since we can rely on full support in our preparations for the sports city of Frankfurt, the final will certainly be an atmospheric highlight of the European football year."

Regardless of the organization of the event, the team of Samsung Frankfurt Universe naturally relies on the home field advantage, so that the EFL Bowl of 2016 may be followed by that of the EUROBOWL. Last year's hopes were sorely disappointed, this year the team would like to have more. Despite or maybe even because of the difficult time that the club had to experience in recent weeks.

Michael Schwarzer, Managing Director of Frankfurt Universe Betriebs GmbH, is sure that the "Men in Purple" will have their chance against the reigning champion New Yorker Lions: "The support that the city of Frankfurt/Main has given us in the recent weeks to achieving the Eurobowl and being able to play at home is both an obligation and an incentive for our players and coaches. Not only for our dedicated fans, but for the entire city, we now want to get this cup. The team feels that fans, sponsors and even their hometown do not want to let them down. If we all stand together, this time we have our chance against Braunschweig."

"We look forward to meeting Samsung Frankfurt Universe, but with the Lions' final participation in Frankfurt/Main we want to help the club to continue to play football in difficult times," said Christoph Wolk, Member of the Executive Board for competitive sports at Lions' parent club FFC Braunschweig to the final decision.

The EUROBOWL is the trophy for the strongest European club team in American football. The first edition was held in 1986, since 1988 there is the annual competition. Defending champions are the New Yorker Lions from Braunschweig, who defeated Samsung Frankfurt Universe in the last final with 55-14. For Braunschweig, this was the fifth Eurobowl win and the third in a row.

With another victory, the New Yorker Lions would be the sole record holder of the competition in front of the Vienna Vikings, who have also won five times. German clubs have so far won a total of eleven EUROBOWLs.

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