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EFL: Potsdam Royals move into the EFL Bowl after beating the Calanda Broncos

The Potsdam Royals secured first place in Group A after a thrilling match and a narrow 33:31 victory against the Calanda Broncos and entered the final of the EFL on their international debut.

In front of more than 1,500 spectators in the stadium Luftschiffhafen, is was a thrilling game between two teams at eye level to the entry into the EFL Bowl.

The guests from Switzerland had the better start and led after a blocked punt and a subsequent touchdown in the first quarter with 7-0 lead.
The Royals equalized in the second section, but could not prevent the 10-7 halftime lead the Broncos after a successful field goal.

After the break, the guests scored by another touchdown to 17-7. But then the team from Brandenburg took over the helm, reached the end zone of the guests twice before the end of the third quarter and went with a 21-17 lead in the last game stage.

There it remained exciting. First scored the Swiss by a 82-yards-play, then the Royals took over the lead again by a spectacular play. As the Broncos themselves were on the way to turn the game in their favor, the hosts forced a fumble just before their own end zone and raised by a touchdown to 33-24.

But the Broncos did not give up yet and shortened the result to 33-31 one minute before the end. However, the subsequent onsinde-kick landed in the arms of a player of the Royals, who then only had to run down the clock to secure the hard-won victory and the entry into the EFL Bowl.

There the royals meet the Milano Seamen on the 9th of June in the Stadio Breda Sesto S Giovanni in Milan.

Sun, May 26th, Stadion Luftschiffhafen: Potsdam Royals - Calanda Broncos 33-31 (0-7/7-3/14-7/12-14)

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