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EUROBOWL XXXII - Battle of the European heavyweights

Frankfurt - It's a fight of European heavyweights. It's the revenge for the last season. It's about the crown in European football for clubs.

On Saturday, 9th of June, starting at 8:05 p.m. (live on SPORT1 at 8 p.m.), the Samsung Frankfurt Universe will welcome the New Yorker Lions from Braunschweig to the EUROBOWL XXXII in the PSD Bank Arena in Frankfurt, when two of the best continental teams meet in the most important European final for club teams.

And at the same time the duel of the two German teams is a revenge for the final of last year. In 2017, the Lions from Lower Saxony in EUROBOWL could triumph in EUROBOWL XXXI against the hosts with 55-14.
That on Saturday a closer game with an uncertain outcome is to be expected, shows the statistics of the current season.

Both teams qualified with two wins in the preliminary round for the EUROBOWL, where the New Yorker Lions had some difficulties in the first encounter at Flash La Courneuve to win the game for themselves.

The result was also due to the new composition of the team. Following the defeat in last year's German Bowl, the final of the GFL, the Lions squad had a little change, especially on the key position. On the long-time quarterback Casey Therriault followed with Jadrian Clark a slightly different type of player.

But the course of the season so far shows clearly that the offense of the Lions has been found and hurries sovereign from victory to victory - and the team also has a strong defense. In the GFL Braunschweig won so far all four games with a points balance of 117- 9. The 60-0 against Amsterdam and the 10- 6 away win in the BIG6 EUROBOWL Tournament came on top.

But Samsung Frankfurt Universe wants to break this series. And seems capable of doing so. The season of the Hesse with the new head coach Brian Caler, who replaced the retired Markus Grahn on the bridge of the Frankfurt, was similarly successful: two clear victories on international level, four victories in series in the GFL. But last weekend the tam got the first defeat: 7-17 at the reigning German champions Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns. Against the same opponent, who had defeated the New Yorker Lions in the last German Bowl.

However, the injury-related loss of quarterback Steve Cluley hurts. Although the Hesse have a good substitute with the German international Sonny Weishaupt, they secured the injury by the commitment of Andrew Elffers. How fast the 23-year-old American has internalized the offensive system of the Universe, remains to be seen. This could be a key to the final decision.

Braunschweig's longtime success coach Troy Tomlin, however, does not want to hope for that: "It will be a tough and hard-fought game. It's about the crown of Europe. Only if we do our best, stay disciplined and error free, and perform the necessary tackles and blocks properly, we can bring the game in our direction."

8:05 p.m., PSD Bank Arena: Samsung Frankfurt Universe - New Yorker Lions

If you cannot make it to the stadium personally, you can look forward to the first live broadcast of SPORT1 in cooperation with the German Football League and the American Football Association Germany. A great way to reward this wonderful sport with outstanding ratings.

Tickets for the Eurobowl finale are still available in all categories: https://www.adticket.de/Eurobowl.html

All information about this game: http://www.2018.eurobowl.info/

Time table:
5 p.m.: Start FanZone (Power Party)
7 p.m.: Opening spectator blocks
7:15 p.m.: Start of moderation in the stadium / supporting program
7:40 p.m.: Teams coming in
7:55 p.m.: European anthem and national anthem
8 p.m.: Coint-Toss
8:05 p.m.: Kick Off
9:15 p.m.: Start half-time break
9:30 p.m.: Start 2nd half
10:30 p.m.: End of the game
10:40 p.m.: Award ceremony
11:00 p.m.: End of the event

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