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Brussels Tigers

Brussels Tigers

Country: Belgium

Founded: 1998

Homepage of the Brussels Tigers

The association of Brussels Tigers was created in 1998. At that time, it was just a senior football team. In 2001, the team joined the Belgian Bowl, but itís only in 2002 that they became Belgian Champions.
In 2003, the team couldnít defend the title because their coach couldnít get the coaching certification. Many players left the team and all the work had to be restarted.
In 2005, the committee decided to open the association to the youngest. With 2 flag football teams, 1 junior football team and the senior football team, the association thought about the future.

The youth program gave some titles to the Brussels Tigers, that finished 1st or 2nd in all categories in 2010. Also, the senior team became Champions of Wallonia (LFFAB) and came back to the Belgian Bowl. But they didnít win national†title, which is still in the hands of the West Vlaanderen Tribes.

In 2011, the Brussels Tigers continue to lead the French part of Belgium. But they canít reach the Belgian Bowl.

This season is really good for the Brussels Tigers. After finish at the 1st place in the Regional championship (LFFAB) for the third year in a row, they just defeated the Tribes in the semi-final of the national championship.

The Brussels Tigers will play the Belgian Bowl against the Antwerp Diamonds the 9 june in Oostende.


Brussels Tigers




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Games of Brussels Tigers
EFL29.04.1814:00hCalanda Broncos vs. Brussels Tigers39:0(23:0/7:0/7:0/2:0)
EFL15.04.1814:00hBrussels Tigers vs. Potsdam Royals0:72(0:44/0:14/0:14/0:14)
AC24.06.1215:00hLelystad Commanders vs. Brussels Tigers12:0(6:0/6:0/0:0/0:0)
AC23.06.1213:00hBrussels Tigers vs. Luxembourg Steelers of Dudelange30:0(18:0/0:0/6:0/6:0)
AC26.06.1111:00hLuxembourg Dragons of Dudelange vs. Brussels Tigers14:30(8:6/6:6/0:6/0:12)
AC25.06.1112:00hWest-Vlaanderen Tribes vs. Brussels Tigers12:6(12:0/0:6/0:0/0:0)

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