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Calanda Broncos
(c) Calanda Broncos

Calanda Broncos

Country: Switzerland

Founded: 1991

Homepage of the Calanda Broncos
( www.calandabroncos.ch )

The Landquart Broncos were founded in 1991 by Marcel Brändli, Martin Lack and Mathias Brändli. After two years of losses and disappointments, the Landquart Broncos finally found a way to win. In 1995 the Broncos qualified as Swiss Div. II Champion for the premier Swiss Football League. In 1997 they were able to play in the Swiss Elite for the first time and qualified for the Semi-Finals. In 1998 the Broncos started the season with a 1-4 record and were behind at halftime at the 6th game in Bern (3:14), but could turn the corner and won 6 of the following 8 games to qualify as the Cinderella team for the Swiss Super Bowl. In a hitchcock game, the Broncos missed a 38-yard-field-goal as time expired and lost to the Seaside Vipers (13:14). A year later, the Broncos organized the Swiss Super Bowl for the first time (at Stadion Ringstrasse, Chur) and were able to qualify for the big game again. But again, the Seaside Vipers beat the "mountaineers", this time 16:7. After that, the Broncos continued a new era without American/Canadian coaches and players, the founder and former Quarterback Marcel Brändli (Headcoach, Offense) took over the coaching responsibilities. After a couple of years, the Broncos were back in the Swiss playoff in 2002. In 2003 the Landquart Broncos signed Neil Hall as Quarterback and qualified for the playoff again - with a 5-4 record on 4th place. In the semifinals the Broncos had to play vs the defending champions Zürich Renegades who hadn‘t lost a game in Switzerland since two years. But the Broncos fought back and won the game thanks to a blocked field goal as time expired (29:28!). In the Swiss Super Bowl, the Broncos got confronted with the 9-1 Basel Gladiators and their Americans Dwayne Woods and Kareem Wilson. The Broncos again held their ground and won the Swiss title for the first time in club history thanks to a 21-yard-field-goal as time expired by kicker Harry Loibner (24:22).

In 2004 the Broncos played for the first time in the best existing European competition, the Eurobowl tournament, although losses against the Paris Flash and the Badalona Dracs ended this adventure in group stage. After some steps down soon after, the Broncos got up to division I again in 2007, when they beat the Geneva Seahawks in a dramatic defense battle (7:6). In their first year back in the premier Swiss league, the Broncos had a good hand with the American imports James Craig (Headcoach) and the Jones brothers – Aaron as the Quarterback, Holsey as a Linebacker. The Broncos mastered a very challenging battle and qualified for the Swiss bowl, but eventually lost against the Zurich Renegades, which the Broncos once beat during the regular season.

In 2009 the Broncos were back in the hunt for their 2nd national title. On board was – after 18 years history as Landquart Broncos a new name: Calanda Broncos, named after the colorful house mountain of the Alpine rhine region at the boarder of a famous Swiss tourism region, not too far away from Davos and St. Moritz. The site of the clubstill is in Landquart and in the nearby town of Chur, the oldest town in Switzerland, with about 35'000 abitants. The season turned into a huge success. Thanks to victories of Zurich on the final day of the regular season, the Broncos and their U19-Juniors for the first time won the Swiss regular season with both teams. Although the Broncos Juniors finally lost against Zurich in the Juniors Bowl, the big game was won by the Broncos, as Calanda beat the Zurich Renegades in the first ever live-televised football game in Switzerland after a spectacular game 35:23. These two rivals will be the early favourite in the Swiss league although all other division I teams - the Bern Grizzlies, Winterthur Warriors, the Basel Gladiators and the new addition from Austria, the Cineplexx Blue Devils - seem to be very capable to challenge the top two teams of the last seasons. The first Efaf participation last year ended in a little disappointment, as the Broncos were very competitive, but obviously to inexperienced on an international level and lost in group stage against the Parma Panthers (Italy) and the Thonon Black Panthers (France). A success was the first appearance of the U16-championship debut season in Switzerland, as the youngest tackle football team of the Broncos reached a nice 3rd place and some classic vistories.

In 2010 the Broncos wrote Swiss football history: Under the guidance of new headcoach Rick Taylor, former longtime Northwestern Athletic Director, the Broncos survived a brutal 16 game schedule and went undefeated as one of the few unbeaten teams in Europe- Although Quarterback Marco Glavic suffered a broken thumb during the 16 game stretch and missed almost 7 games, the Broncos managed the Swiss schedule and also won all games in the Efaf Cup, beating teams like Kragujevac Wild Boars (Serbia), Parma Panthers (Italy) and Carlstad Crusaders (Sweden) - all of which won their corresponding league championship later. The Efaf Cup victory in front of 1500 spectators in a heavy thunderstorm in the Swiss alps of Chur marked the first Efaf cup title ever for a Swiss American Football team. To put the icing on the cake, the U19-team won the first title in their history on the same day the Broncos won their second Swiss title in a row to complete an almost perfect year for the Broncos.

In 2011 the Swiss football champion have managed to secure the 'three-peat' and managed to advance to the 1/4 finals in the Eurobowl. The Broncos beat the Spanish champion L'Hospitalet Pioners at home and then also won the second group game a week later in Parma. In the 1/4 Finals against European Powerhouse Vienna Vikings the Broncos lost their QB Blake Barnes early to a knee injury. Never really recovering the Broncos lost 15-12 in Vienna. The U19 wasn't able to secure a playoff spot in the swiss league mainly because 9 starters were lost to season ending injuries. There was one more brightspot when the Broncos U16 und HC Robin Haas won the Swiss Championship in the fall of 2011. The second year in a row the Broncos won on the senior and junior level a swiss championship.
In 2012 the "three-peat" swiss champion will once again compete in the highest European tournament, the Eurobowl. The Broncos will host the Helsinki Wolverines (April 21st) and then play abroad against Helsinki on May 5th. The Broncos have a new headcoach in Geoff Buffum who already won the Eurobowl in 2008 with Innsbruck. Next to the already known faces like Sasha Glavic, Marko Glavic, Tissi Robinson and DJ Wolfe, the Calanda Broncos have signed 2 more Div. I players in Andrew Preston (LB/DB) and Steve Valentino (WR/QB).

Ringstrasse, Chur

Calanda Broncos
Hochwangstr. 3
CH - 7302 Landquart

0041-81-330 09 30

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Games of Calanda Broncos
EFL27.05.1814:00hPotsdam Royals vs. Calanda Broncos33:31(0:7/7:3/14:7/12:14)
EFL29.04.1814:00hCalanda Broncos vs. Brussels Tigers39:0(23:0/7:0/7:0/2:0)
EFL16.06.13--Swarco Raiders Tirol vs. Calanda Broncos37:7(2:7/10:0/7:0/18:0)
EFL26.05.1315:00hCalanda Broncos vs. Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns42:28 
EFL21.07.1218:00hCalanda Broncos vs. Vienna Vikings27:14(13:0/6:14/0:0/8:0)
EFL16.06.1220:00hTirol Raiders vs. Calanda Broncos3:35(0:14/3:14/0:0/0:7)
EFL26.05.1215:00hJCL Graz Giants vs. Calanda Broncos14:19(7:2/0:7/0:3/7:7)
EFL05.05.1218:00hHelsinki Wolverines vs. Calanda Broncos36:52(7:21/7:14/6:7/16:10)
EFL21.04.1218:00hCalanda Broncos vs. Helsinki Wolverines49:6(0:0/14:0/14:6/21:0)
EFL08.05.1115:00hVienna Vikings vs. Calanda Broncos15:12(7:6/0:6/6:0/2:0)
EFL23.04.1121:00hParma Panthers vs. Calanda Broncos14:31(0:6/7:12/0:6/7:7)
EFL16.04.1117:00hCalanda Broncos vs. L´Hospitalet Pioners42:0(14:0/21:0/0:0/7:0)
EFAF17.07.10--Calanda Broncos vs. Carlstad Crusaders17:3(7:0/7:0/0:3/3:0)
EFAF05.06.10--Calanda Broncos vs. Parma Panthers40:21(7:7/0:7/13:0/20:7)
EFAF01.05.1013:00hCalanda Broncos vs. Kragujevac Wild Boars45:20(0:0/0:0/0:0/0:0)
EFAF17.04.1015:00hRome Lazio vs. Calanda Broncos41:62(14:20/7:14/13:21/7:7)
EFAF16.05.0918:00hCalanda Broncos vs. Parma Panthers27:43(6:7/7:14/0:15/14:7)
EFAF25.04.0918:00hThonon Black Panthers vs. Calanda Broncos41:20(13:0/14:13/7:7/7:0)

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