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L´Hospitalet Pioners
(c) L´Hospitalet Pioners


09.02.2005 L´Hospitalet Pioners


The following Press Release was published by the 2005 Champion of the Spanish Cup, the team from Barcelona, L´Hospitalet Pioners. L’Hospitalet Pioners won the Spanish Cup for second time in their history, after beating Valencia Firebats 16 to 23.

Fight on the Line - Bergamo Lions against Pioners L’Hospitalet
(c) Bergamo Lions
Fight on the Line - Bergamo Lions against Pioners L’Hospitalet
(c)Bergamo Lions

The injury of Pioners’ starter QB Edu Torrecillas, made Adrian Santamaria substitute him, what limited the passing game. Nordi Ben Moussa #43 (who reappeared after his injury), Guillermo Grande #25 and Adrian were in charge of running the ball, with the help of the offense line, that played on a high level, in spite of Valencia’s defense, that decided to play with 8 players in the box.

Pioners defense had the hard work of stopping the passing game of Firebats. Secondary played great. Guillermo Grande made a perfect game; he ran the ball for more than 50 yards and made 12 tackles (8 solo). Santamaria, who played both ways all game, Oscar Aymerich #49 and Xavi Fernandez #89 were in charge of stopping the game of Fernando Altarriba, considered the best QB in Spain.

On the first half, the number of fouls for both teams, made really difficult the work of their offences. Both teams arrived twice to opponent’s red zone. Carles Redon #43 scored a field goal for Valencia, and Nordi Ben Moussa scored a touchdown for L’Hospitalet. So, the score at the half time was 3 to 6.

The second half was much better. In the first play of Pioners’s offense, Ben Moussa scored a new touchdown and Sergio Velez #84 scored the extra point. Firebats reacted and Altarriba connected a short pass with Gonzalo Carbajosa #82 for their first touchdown, (Redon scored the extra point) In the middle of forth quarter, Velez scored a new field goal for Pioners.

With less of two minutes of time, Firebats drew the score with a touchdown, in a running play of Pablo Melia #25, but they mist the kick. With 16-16 at the score, Pioners offense went in the field to fight on to the last ditch, before the overtime. In the second play of the drive, Santamaria connected a pass (the only one of the game) to Hugo Solo #18 for a touchdown. Velez scored the extra point again, and let the score 16 to 23 for Pioners. Firebats tried to score again to draw the game with 50 seconds of time, but Oskar Aymerich (MVP of the game) intercepted Altarriva for second time in the game, and made the game finished.

Pioners win their second Spanish Cup (first was in 1999) and their second competition this the season, after winning the Catalan Cup. They will concentrate all their efforts in the fight for the league.

1st quarter: 03-00
Firebats: #43 Carles Redón 03-00 Field Goal

2nd quarter: 00-06
Pioners: #43 Nordi Ben Moussa 03-06 Touchdown

3rd quarter: 07-07
Pioners: #43 Nordi Ben Moussa 03-12 Touchdown
Pioners: #84 Sergio Vélez 03-13 Extra point
Firebats: #82 Gonzalo Carbajosa 09-12 Touchdown
Firebats: #43 Carles Redón 10-13 Extra point

4th quarter: 06-10
Pioners: #84 Sergio Vélez 10-16 Field Goal
Firebats: #25 Pablo Meliá 16-16 Touchdown
Pioners: #18 Hugo Solo 16-22 Touchdown
Pioners: #84 Sergio Vélez 16-23 Extra point

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