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17.04.2005 Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns

Schwäbisch Hall win first european game

The Unicorns, 2004 Vice-Champion in the German Football League South, could beat the Danube Dragons from Klosterneuburg by 58 : 28. Already at halftime the Austrian Semi-Finalist of the previous year had to recognize facing a 34 : 12 score, that at least yesterday the Unicorns were better.

Ira Vandever gains again a lot of Yards against Marburg
(c) Sidelineview.de
Ira Vandever gains again a lot of Yards against Marburg

EFAF-Cup 2005
Unicorns-victory against Dragons
58 : 28 (34 : 12)

by Axel Streich

(21:12, 10:0, 13:8, 14:8)

About 600 visitors saw the first european game of the Unicorns at dry weather conditions.

The Unicorns (Germany) thought that there would only be a slightly chance to win the game against the Danube Dragons (Austria). But it turned out as a surprise for them, winning the game 58:28 and qualifying for the EFAF-Cup-semifinals.

On a heavy task Unicorns-Headcoach Siegfried Gehrke had counted on Saturday. But the Unicorns team showed a very good and over four quarters extremely concentrated achievement. Surprised the more, because the Unicorns had to begin on Saturday on many positions extremely weakly occupied. Particularly in the Defense where many players missed by injuries.

With its pressureful and physically strong run play the Danube Dragons often obtained over fee much space gain. But if it depended on it, then the Unicorns Defender knew however to access quite correctly.

Also the Unicorns-offense had personnel problems, which became apparent on the Runningback position in particular, which could be occupied only with Karl Voll. Because of the three-American delimitation in the EFAF Cup, Max Seroogy had to wait for his first game in the green shirt. This did no abort to the productivity of the Unicorns-Offense on saturday however. Although Quarterback Ira Vandaver was sacked by the Austrian defenders three times, the german Offense obtained seven touchdowns and one fieldgoal.

"The Dragons had been no easy opponent. Nevertheless they had been overrated by myself", meant Unicorns Headcoach Gehrke after the game. Now he has to prepare himself and the team not only for the German Football League GFL, but also for the EFAF Cup semi-final.

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