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Badalona Dracs
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21.04.2005 Badalona Dracs

Dracs Preview: Badalona vs. Tyrolean Raiders

Next Saturday EFL 2005 starts with the game of the reigning Spanish Champion Badalona Dracs against the Austrian Champion 2004 Papa Joe´s Tyrolean Raiders. A game full of expectations on both sides after perhaps the best seasons both clubs played in the previous season with lot of success in european and home leagues.

Badalona wents to the semifinals after a win against Landquart.
(c) Badalona Drags
Badalona wents to the semifinals after a win against Landquart.
(c)Badalona Drags

Press Release. 2005-04-21

» Badalona Dracs debuts in the EFL 2005
They face the Tyrolean Raiders, Austria’s Champion, in the first game of quarters of final

Badalona Dracs debuts this weekend in EFL 2005. The team of Badalona, current champion of Spanish League (LNFA), will face the Tyrolean Raiders of Innsbruck, Austria’s Champion, in first round by two games. The going encounter will be played next Saturday April 23rd, Sant George’s day, in the Estadi of the Centenari of the CF Badalona (20.30 h), and that of turn, on May 28th in Innsbruck. The tickets for the game of Saturday will be free. In the last two seasons the Dracs has made history in the European competition, when getting the classification for the semifinals, and this year they confront the challenge of repeating this result, to weigh that the Raiders, one of the strongest teams in the continent, they leave as big favorite.

A season more the Badalona Dracs, current champions of the Spanish League, participate in the maximum continental competition, the European League of American Football (EFL). In the last two seasons the team of Badalona got the classification for semifinals, a historical fact that no national team had achieved previously. This season Dracs has as rival in rooms of final to the champion from Austria, the Tyrolean Raiders of Innsbruck, in a preliminary round to double game. The going will be played next Saturday in Badalona, and the turn, May 28th in Innsbruck.

The Tyrolean Raiders was founded in 1992, and in the year 1998 achieved the advance to the maximum category of the Austrian league. The last season was the best in the history of the Raiders, champion of the EFAF Cup was proclaimed, the second European competition, and it also won the league of its country, overcoming in the final to Vienna Vikings, current champions from Europe. This victory before the Vikings, the best European outfit in 2004, reflect the potential of the Raiders that they will be a hard competitor for the Dracs. In the present season, in the Austrian league, the rival of Badalona Dracs takes a balance of three victories and one defeat.

The Dracs arrives to the European premiere after falling in the Spanish League in front of the l'Hospitalet Pioners (10-28). The Dracs have the second place of the spanish competition, with a balance of 4-2, and in spite of this stumble they keep intact their options to play the final. To weigh that the Tyrolean Raiders comes as favorite, the Dracs tried to plant face and make a good game in front of one of the best teams in Europe. The admission to the game of next Saturday, that will be played in the Estadi del Centenari of the CF Badalona, is free.

This season the European League has eight teams, and besides the Badalona Dracs also participates another team of the Spanish League, the l'Hospitalet Pioners, that they will be measure the current champions of the competition, the Vienna Vikings. The other two confrontations are: Moscow Patriots (Russia) - Stockholm Mean Machines (Sweden) and Bergamo Lions (Italy) - Amiens Spartiates (France).

European Football League (EFL 2005)
Saturday, April 23rd at 8.30 pm
Estadi del Centenari
(Badalona, Spain)

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