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Badalona Dracs
(c) Badalona Dracs


25.04.2005 Badalona Dracs

Badalona Dracs Press Release

Papa Joe´s Tyrolean Raiders, Austrian Champion 2004, could win the first game against the Spanish Champion Badalona Dracs in Spain by 42 : 14. The victory was supported by some problems with the former Dracs american Headcoach Wally English, who left the club inmidst this season together with the american players. No excuse, but an explanation.

Face to face -ready to snap
(c) Badalona Dracs
Face to face -ready to snap
(c)Badalona Dracs

Press Release. 2005-04-24

» The Dracs falls in front of the Raiders in the EFL (14-42)
The team of Badalona is left practically without options of being classified for the semifinals

The Badalona Dracs has very difficult to repeat the European success of the last two seasons, when they were able to enter in the semifinals of the European League of American football (EFL). The combined of Badalona fell at home in front of the Tyrolean Raiders for 14-42 in the first game of quarters of final and practically they say good-bye to the European competition, to spite that the next May 28th the game will be played in Innsbruck. The Raiders, champions of the Austrian league, were very higher and they sentenced the game with a great first half (0-42). After the half time, the Dracs reacted, obtaining two touchdowns, but the game was already resolved.

The Badalona Dracs was not able to break the prognoses in front of the Tyrolean Raiders, one of the most efficient teams in Europe, and they gave a clear defeat for 14-42 in the Estadi del Centenari that registered an excellent admittance. In spite of playing at home and with the audience support, the Dracs could not brake the biggest quality in the Austrian team that aspires to the European title.

In the first compasses of the game the Dracs played their best minutes, since in their first attack the team of Badalona moved the ball well and it advanced until the red zone of the Raiders. The Dracs had opportunity to score first and to be ahead in the score, but the try of field-goal of Sergi Güibas it was not good. The Raiders, for their side, didn't forgive, and after this first advertisement of the Dracs they began to work like a perfect machine, led by the American Nicholas Eyde and Christopher Rosier that were in all moment a nightmare for the defense of those of Badalona. At the end of the first quarter the score was already 0-14, and nothing else to begin the second quarter the Raiders scored again after recovering an "onside kick". Starting from this moment the Austrians dominated with authority, and they also intercepted in two occasions to the quarterback of Dracs, Victor Velázquez. To the pause, the encounter was already resolved (0-42).

In spite of the adverse score, the Dracs never stopped to give the face, and in the second half they finished finding the prize to their perseverance, also taking advantage of that the Raiders lowered the rhythm. First, WR Dani Lorente, after a pass of Velázquez, and later the Mexican RB Roberto Muro, with a great run, they scored the two touchdowns of Dracs that although they didn't disturb the Austrian champion's victory they never surrendered. The final result of 14-42 practically transforms into a formality the game of Innsbruck next May 28th.

Dracs, 14- Raiders, 42

1st quarter (0-14)
0-7. Touchdown (TD) Raiders. Markus Eitzenberger. Extra Point (EP) Josef Schnellrieder
0-14. TD Raiders. Christopher Rosier. EP Josef Schnellrieder

2nd cuarto (0-28)
0-21. TD Raiders. Frank Secretain. EP Josef Schnellrieder
0-28. TD Raiders. Christopher Rosier. EP Josef Schnellrieder
0-35. TD Raiders. Bernhard Hörtnagl. EP Josef Schnellrieder
0-42. TD Raiders. Ben Ballard. EP Josef Schnellrieder

3rd quarter (8-0)
8-42. TD Dracs. Dani Lorente. 2PT Roberto Muro

4th quarter (6-0)
14-42. TD Roberto Muro.

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