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27.04.2005 Avedere Monarchs

Resume Monarchs vs. Crusaders

On the paper the game had a promise of close game between the arch rivals of Denmark and Sweden.

(c) NFA Monarchs
(c)NFA Monarchs

The two teams has previously encountered each other on two separate occasions both with a win for the Carlstad Crusaders. The Monarchs had decided that this should be the year they would emerge victorious.

The Monarchs started the game in a bold fashion with an onside kick, that unfortunately did not succeed which gave the Crusaders excellent field position. Carlstad uses their first two downs in an effort to establish a running game but the Monarchs defense stops them effectively. Jay Reed the Crusaders American import (who is probably one of the best players to ever set foot on Danish soil), decides that it is time to step to the plate. On 3rd. Down he scrambles for a new first down and the game is on. Crusaders try to run the ball again on first and second down, but without effect. The game hits a crucial point as the next play resolves in an incomplete pass, together with a flag. Monarch’s coaching staff chooses to gamble and select to take the penalty which gives the Crusaders 3rd and 10 instead of 4th and 5. The Crusaders punish the Monarchs for the gamble and a draw play goes all the way 6-0. Monarchs receivers the ball and take a 9 play drive moving the about 70 yards resulting in a 25 yard field goal by Kicker Peter Fromberg
3 -6.
Jay Reed shows that he also has a strong arm and finds WR Anders Ohlson in the endzone, and the Crusaders go for 2, success 3-14. Monarchs go 3 and out. The Crusaders are on a roll especially because of Jay Reed Who on the next series tugs the ball under his arm and goes all the way 3-20.

Possession of the ball goes back and forth but the Monarchs normally very strong defense make a big play the Crusaders fumble and CB Michael Meyer takes the ball for the Monarchs. The dynamic duo of the Monarchs offence QB Martin Mikkelsen and WR Martin Vester go for all the marbles and the Monarchs get their first and only touchdown of the game 10-20. The game goes back and fourth once again and, on a punt the game changes pace once again the Crusaders return the ball for yet another TD 10-26.


The Monarchs start the 3rd quarter with a descent return. QB Martin Mikkelsen finds a totally free HB in Morten Gerzymisch on a fade route because of the defenses focus on WR Martin Vester, but in getting to much time to think about the catch he drops the ball and the drive ends in nothing. Martin Vester goes out with an injury in his leg. Crusaders can not produce on their next drive and the Monarchs go towards the endzone once again. A perfect draw play catches the Crusaders on the wrong foot and FB Ronny Andersen goes directly towards a much needed touchdown which would bring the Monarchs back in the game. Unfortunately Ronny gets tackled and fumbles on the Crusaders 10 yard line. Crusaders go 3 and out and punts. A Long throw from Martin Mikkelsen goes to RB Dan Böhm who has taken Martin Vester’s place at WR, the Monarchs are so close to the endzone that they can smell it, but Martin Mikkelsen makes a wrong read and throws a pick.

4th quarter the Crusaders slow down their pace and punts the ball the Monarchs can not use their chance of evening out the score and the Swedes get the ball back. Crusaders succeed on their next drive and a 30 yard run results in a TD. The Monarchs make a good drive but get stopped and the offense has to go of the field, the Monarchs try a fake punt, and the offense gets back on the field, but the fake punt is in vain as Martin Mikkelsen throws his second interception of the day end result 10- 34 in favor of the Carlstad Crusaders.

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