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Carlstad Crusaders


28.04.2005 Carlstad Crusaders

Preview Carlstad vs. Eidsvoll 1814

A premier game for Eidsvoll 1814 in an official european league game will happen next weekend. The norwegian top team, coming from close to Oslo, will play against the swedish vice-champion 2004 in the capital. An interesting meeting because clubs from these two countries didn´t play against each other in an official tournament for years.

1814ers scoring a TD during Norway Season
(c) Eidsvoll 1814
1814ers scoring a TD during Norway Season
(c)Eidsvoll 1814

Karlstad 050427

Game preview from Carlstad Crusaders American Football Club

Carlstad Crusaders vs Eidsvoll 1814’s, Tingvalla IP Saturday April 30th at 15.00

The Crusaders got off to a good start with a win against the Danish champions NFA Monarchs last Saturday. The biggest difference from last year was the turnover ratio. Offensively we only had 1 turnover even if that one was deep in our own territory. The defense came up with 3 takeaways that killed the Monarchs drives. The Monarchs played well and got their best receiver hurt in the 3rd quarter which helped the Crusaders a lot.

The Norwegian champions is up next and play similar to the Danes. Eidsvoll lost against arch rivals Vålerenga Trolls last week 18-14 and should be looking for redemption. They earlier this year beat the Danish Roskilde Kings at home 35-0. Their offense is led by quarterback Mike Burton who is a tough football player and a leader. He connects well with favourite receiver Tristan Solo and that is a combination that the Crusaders must shut down. They like to spread it out and throw the ball. Burton is also a good runner.

Their defense plays multiple fronts which makes blocking adjustments harder and can confuse the offense. They fly to the football and have good team speed. Eidsvoll have a lot of import players and Jeremy Kochberg for example has played against the Crusaders before and knows what some of the Carlstad players can do.

The Crusaders run the ball well by tradition but are more of a pass threat this year. Quarterback Jay Reed is getting better for every practise and every game and also will play on special teams. Kicking away from him puts the ball the hands of Johan Perlström. He scored once last week and had several more good returns. The defense shut out several opponents last year such as Arlanda and Stockholm. Scoring is not easy against this group.

Turf teams do tend to slow down on grass. The Crusaders are playing their first home game and can secure advancement in the EFAF cup with a win. Last year no opponent won at Tingvalla Stadium. A couple of players that couldn’t make the trip last week will join the team this week and improve an already strong unit. The stakes are high and so is the excitement. This year is also the 100 year celebration of the Swedish and Norwegian union breaking up. That document was signed here in Karlstad. This is another chance for the Norwegians to show that they’re no longer under the ruling of Swedes. This game should be a real battle!

Christian Larsson HC Carlstad Crusaders

EFAF Cup Group 1 games (More info at www.eurobowl.com)
NFA Monarchs – Carlstad Crusaders 10 - 34 Copenhagen
Carlstad Crusaders – Eidsvoll 1814’s 30/4 Karlstad
Eidsvoll 1814’s – NFA Monarchs 7/5 Oslo

Semifinal vs Winner Group 2 4/6

Final vs Winner Semifinal 3 vs 4 26/6

EFAF Cup Group 1 standings
Team G W L PF PA P
Carlstad Crusaders 1 1 0 34 10 2
Eidsvoll 1814’s 0 0 0 0 0 0
NFA Monarchs 1 0 1 10 34 0

Preliminary starters in Carlstad Crusaders
Defense: Offense:
DL Per Rindberg OL Carl Romlin
DL Nick Fertitta OL Magnus Dahlin
DL Carl Carlsson OL Kristoffer Hellborg
DL Per Jung OL Martin Falk
LB Martin Ullbrandt OL Hans Gunnarsson
LB Morgan Wik RB Christian Forsman
LB Calle Ingerman RB Roger Nilsson
DB Jonas Mogensen TE Johan Larsson
DB Robert Sundberg WR Johan Perlström
DB Peter Carlsson WR Anders Ohlson
DB Olof Bjurström QB Jay Reed

Injury report
Out: OL Rickard Mäkitalo Knee
DL Eric Håkansson Knee
DL Ali Rouass Work
RB Joakim Holm NFL Europe
DL Johan Asker College
LB Stefan Haghdal Family
Questionable: WR Kalle Flognman Back
DB Marcus Jonsson Hamstring
Probable: -

Robert Sundberg, General Manager Carlstad Crusaders
+46 705-11 11 33

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