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Zurich Renegades
(c) Zurich Renegades


03.05.2005 Zurich Renegades

Marburg wins against Zurich

Zurich Renegades lose in a hard fought game against the Marburg Mercenaries. The ZURICH RENEGADES lost their first EFAF Cup game in 2005 against GFL representative and German Semi-finalist 2004 Marburg Mercenaries in front of 350 spectators on a beautiful evening 03 : 21 in Winterthur.

Teamcaptains at the coin toss
(c) Zürich Renegades
Teamcaptains at the coin toss
(c)Zürich Renegades

Zurich opened the game against the GFL Team Marburg with the kickoff. The Mercenaries offense tried with runs and passes to crack the Renegades defense. But early in the first drive, the ball was intercepted by Strong Safety Thomas Gossweiler, which brought the Renegades Offense on Marburg’s 45 yard line. But also the Marburg Defense could stop the first drive of the Renegades. A defensive battle was developing. Both offenses advanced the ball, but had to punt time and time again.

Only towards the end of the second quarter, Zurich made more progress and could advance with good run and pass play to the opposite 1 yard line (4th and 1) Unfortunately a false start stopped the drive. The following pass after the 5 yard penalty was not successful and the Marburg Offense could start at the own 1 yard line. After a few short passes, Marburg couldn’t advance further against the Renegades defense, which showed that they are still the backbone of this Zürich Renegade team. A short punt gave the Renegades great field position on the Marburg 31 yard line just before halftime. Though the next 3 attempts brought only 7 yards, Adrian Keller’s long field goal put the first points on the scoreboard with 1.37 minutes left in the first half. After the kickoff, Marburg had only 90 seconds on the clock and one timeout left. With aggressive and risky passplay, Marburg put together a successful drive. The Renegades had some problems with the no-huddle offense of Marburg. In the last try, Receiver Pawelka could catch a 30 yard Pass for the first touchdown of Marburg (plus Extrapoint).

In the third quarter, both Offenses presented a good mix between passes and runs, but no score could be reached. Just before the end of the 3rd quarter an already struggling Zürich offense suffered a big blow when fullback Oliver Fröhlich had to leave the game with broken ribs.

In the final quarter, the guests from Marburg relied much on their running game, namely the American runningback Gerome Castleberry. They pounded a tiring Renegade defense and achieved first down after first down. TE Markus Glock scored the second touchdown to make it 03 : 14. The Renegades defense was exhausted after spending much of the 3rd and fourth quarter on the field and the Mercenaries scored the next 7 points rather easily with the same tactic to raise the final score to 03 : 21.

It was a disappointing game for the Renegades. The GFL representative was not unbeatable by any means. Too many self-destructing penalties in key situations were the main reason only a field goal was scored. Against a team like the Mercenaries one can’t afford to give away points at the 2-inch line and expect it not to come back to haunt you. With the defense holding a very powerful Marburg offense to only 21 points (7 at the half), the game was left in the hands of the Zürich offense.

On May 15, the Renegades will play the second EFAF game away in Hohenems (A) against the Blue Devils, who lost their first game vs. the Mercenaries 42 : 27.

ZURICH RENEGADES – Marburg Mercenaries: 03 : 21 (0:0, 3:7, 0:0, 0:14)

03 : 00 FG Keller
03 : 07 TD Pawelka + EP
03 : 14 TD Glock + EP
03 : 21 TD Glock + EP

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