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Elancourt Templiers
(c) Elancourt Templiers


19.05.2005 Elancourt Templiers

Templiers advance to EFAF-CUP semi-final

In front of 1.500 visitors the french team from Elancourt, close to Paris, could win the revanche game against the Brtitish Champion PA Farnham Knights by 32 : 6. Due to the fact that this victory had a higher score than the first game in GB about a month ago, Elancourt Templiers step into the Semi-Final against the 2004 Swedish Vice-Champion and 2003 EFAF-Cup winner Carlstad Crusaders.

Templiers went to semifinals
(c) Elancourt Templiers
Templiers went to semifinals
(c)Elancourt Templiers

Elancourt Templiers 32 – PA Knights 06

Elancourt May 15th 2005
Attendance: 1 500
Weather: 20°C and Sunny

The Templiers were down 14 points after the first leg in England and were forced to make plays to advance to the semi final. This is exactly what the French team did. In their first possession Perez Mattison threw the football to Jérémie Larroque for a 15 yards touchdown to conclude a 8 plays drive. The 2 point conversion is successful as Yann Audrain caught the football in the end zone.

The French defence forced the Knights to punt in their first possession. Then the offence drove the ball to the Knights 5 yards line but Michael Dunson intercepted the ball in the end zone for the Knights. The Templiers defence stopped the Knights and give back the ball to their offence which will score after a 5 plays drive on a pass from Perez Mattison to Arnaud Brethes. The 2 point conversion failed.

The Knights will react on the next possession with a 55yards pass from Ashley Heath to Johnathan Gerring which will put the British team on the Templiers 1 yard line. Then Tony Stitt scored the touchdown on the next play. The extra point failed.

The Templiers continue their offensive show and answered back with a Frédéric Painchaud 48 yards catch to set up Perez Mattison 7 yards touchdown run. The 2 point conversion is run by Perez Mattison into the end zone.

On the next series the Knights advanced deep in Templiers territory thanks to a screen pass to Tony Stitt for 23 yards. As they are at 15 yards of the French end zone Ashley Heath is intercepted by Emmanuel Charret at the 1 yards line.

The score at halftime is 22 to 06, so the hosting team is leading by 2 points overall.

The Knights started the 2nd half with the ball but the French defence forced them to another 3 and out. The unstoppable Templiers offence came back on the field and started to move the chains thanks to the passes of Perez Mattison and the good catches of the Templiers receivers. The key play of this drive is a spectacular 23 yards diving catch from Xavier Rano on 3rd and 11 to put the ball on the 7 yards line. Then Perez Mattison found for the second time of the day Arnaud Brethes in the end zone for 6 more points. The 2 point conversion is successful as Emmanuel Charret caught the football in the end zone.

The Knights get the ball back on offence and continue to run the football despite the 10 points deficit they had and were forced to punt one more time. On the next possession we saw for the first time of the afternoon the Templiers punting team coming on the field as the 4th quarter began.
The Knights were now forced to throw the football to score twice in the last quarter of the game. But the Templiers defence made the knights punt another time to give the ball to their offence which started to kill the clock with more runs and a short passing game. After 3 new first downs the Templiers punted the ball deep in Knights territory and Michael Dunson fumbled the ball in the end zone and was tackled in it for a safety.

The Knights onside kick failed as Willie Robinson recovered the ball.
Then the Templiers had just to run the ball to kill some more time before punting the ball away on the Knights 7 yards line with less than 2 minutes to go and 12 points to catch up for the British team.

The last passes of the Knights were not successful and the Templiers win this game 32 to 6 and advance to the semi-final against the reigning Swedish Vice-Champion Carlstad Crusaders.

Emmanuel Charret


# Name Attempt Completions Yards % Longest Sack TD Int
2 Mattison Perez 40 25 361 62,5% 51 1 3 1

# Name Catch Yards Avg Lg TD
80 Larroque Jérémie 6 101 16,8 51 1
19 Audrain Yann 4 62 15,5 24
17 Brethes Arnaud 6 57 9,5 19 2
6 Painchaud Frédéric 3 78 26,0 48
88 Rano Xavier 4 40 10,0 23
5 Roman Philippe 2 23 11,5 15
Total 25 361 14,4 51 3

# Name Runs Yards Avg Lg TD
2 Mattison Perez 6 49 8,2 35 1
5 Roman Philippe 3 21 7,0 11
17 Brethes Arnaud 1 2 2,0 2
7 Robinson Willie 1 1 1,0 1
Total 11 73 6,6 35 1

# Fumble FF FR
42 Charret Emmanuel 2

# Interception Nb Yds
42 Charret Emmanuel 1 0

# Sacks Nb Yds
70 Serouart Eric 1 -2

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