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Stockholm Mean Machine
(c) Stockholm Mean Machine


19.05.2005 Stockholm Mean Machines

Stockholm Mean Machines win in Russia

Stockholm Mean Machines went to Moscow, Russia to play their first game in
EFL/Eurobowl tournament 2005. The last time these two teams met was in 2003, and after a close game where no defense could stop the other team, Mean Machines came out on top. That game had an excellent finish with a wr screen pass for touchdown by the Russians to take the lead inside
the last two minutes of the game. Mean Machines managed to march down the field and score on a hitch and go by Oscar Dahlman to wrap up the win.

Patriots finding the gap
(c) Stockholm Mean Machine
Patriots finding the gap
(c)Stockholm Mean Machine

Since then Patriots has played very well in Europe and was
ranked fourth coming into this years tournament. And after last
years loss in the semi-final against Eurobowl champion Vienna
Vikings they now had their sights set for making it to the final in

Mean Machines has improved the team for this year and are
back in the Eurobowl tournament after a short visit last year in
the EFAF-Cup. The team feels more solid this time around and it
is good to be back playing the top teams in Europe.
Henrik Hegardt stops Evgeny Chekov behind LOS.

Missing bag
Going to Russia is always an adventure in it selves, since you need special visas and the bureaucracy is very different from Sweden and the rest of Europe. At the airport one players bag was lost, due to some mix-up, but by lending gear from his teammates and a pair of shoulder pads from Moscow Patriots, he was able to play the game anyway.

The game
At game day the weather was great and the turf was fast, in all it was a good day to play football. Mean Machines kicked off the ball and the Patriots started their drive at their own 30yard line. They managed to get to midfield before the Mean Machines defense stopped them. A high snap on 4:th down gave the punter problems but he managed to pick up the ball
and get it away to Patriots 30yard line. This gave Mean Machines great field position on their first drive. Four plays later quarterback C-J Haraldson found a wide-open Stefan Hållberg in the endzone for the first score.

Oscar Dahlman making people miss.
The Mean Machines defense played really well and stops by Fredrik Haraldson, Perry Taglienti and Ola Rugeland made sure Patriots didn’t gain
much on offense. Mean Machines offense fumbled the first play and gave the ball back on their own 20yard line. Again defense said no and
the Patriots had to settle for a field goal by Zubrilin.

Beginning of the second quarter Patriots had a good drive but it ended in a 40yard field goal by Zubrilin. Again Mean Machines defense stepped up when they needed to. Both teams traded a couple of punts and on the next Mean Machines possession, Evgeny Sigaev managed to pick off a pass that bounced off three different players. A good play by Henrik Hegardt on second down finished all hopes for the Russians to score before halftime.
A well-orchestrated two-minute drive where all wrs touched the ball finally put David Jonsson in the end zone for another score. Mean Machines looked solid and in control going into second the second half. The defense played really well and offense moved the ball.

Second half
The second half started with a three and out for Mean Machines and the defense went back on the field. Three plays later Patriots had to punt and again the snap went over the head of the punter but this time he could pick the ball up and run for a first down to keep the drive alive.
This was the spark they needed and a couple of plays later Khokhlov caught a pass in the end zone to make the score 12-14. The entire Mean Machines linebacker crew stopped the 2-point conversion short.

Daniel Taylor on the move.
Perry Taglienti and the LB crew creating havoc.
Daniel Taylor hooked up with Oscar Dahlman a couple of times for big gains and the drive ended with David Jonsson running in his second touchdown for the day from the 15yard line. Patriots answered with good running by Chekhov but Perry Taglienti managed to pick of a pass over the middle to
end the Russian momentum. Big plays by Oscar Dahlman and David Jonsson moved the ball to the Patriots 10yard line. The Russian defense tightened up and managed to force Mean Machines kicker Jens Alnervik to kick a field goal, the score was now 12-24 in the 4:th quarter. Both teams traded punts a couple of times and the defenses started to take over the game. The Patriots managed to put together a good final drive try to even out the score. There were a lot of penalties on the Mean Machines defense to help the Russians get into scoring position. And on the final play of the
game Evgeny Sigaev managed to come down with the ball at the back of the end zone to make the score 19-24.

Looking good
The Mean Machines defense played very well and put in a solid performance. The linebacker crew managed to contain Chekhov and pressure the Patriots quarterback into bad throws. The Mean Machines defense will play a major
roll in the upcoming semi-final, and with more playing time it will only become better. The offense have some good playmakers and a solid
offensive line, and when quarterback Daniel Taylor settles in the system it will really start to click. Daniels performance was really good considering he only done four practises before the game. His athletic ability will add a new level to the Mean Machines offense.

Semi-final opponent
On the 28th of May the opponent to Mean Machines will be decided. Bergamo Lions will host Amiens Spartiates for a second meeting. Bergamo came out victorious from the first meeting in France with the score 34-38. The French champion now has to win by more than 4.

Mean Machines would like to thank the Patriots for all the help during this trip, and for a very well organized event.

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