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Carlstad Crusaders


03.06.2005 Carlstad Crusaders

Time for semi-finals in EFAF-Cup.

Game preview from Carlstad Crusaders American Football Club

Carlstad Crusaders @ Elancourt Templiers, Paris, Sunday June 5th at 12.30

Well done. Crusaders beat Eidsvoll.
(c) Carlstadt Crusaders
Well done. Crusaders beat Eidsvoll.
(c)Carlstadt Crusaders

Karlstad 050602

France is one of the top nations in European football. They generally have a lot of speed and many good skill players and the Templiers are no exception. Their offense is a pass oriented attack with a good and mobile quarterback. They usually line up with 4 or 5 wide receivers and air it out. Elancort is also a turf team which often means that everything is a bit faster. Once the receivers catch the ball they’re gone. Open field tackles is one of the most important factors in football and the team that handles that best will have the best chance of winning this game.

On defense the Templiers play a 43 front but can also mix it up. Again there’s a lot of speed here especially in the backfield. Against the Knights the Templiers only allowed 6 points and played solid throughout the game. It also seemed like they got better as the game went along. With an offense that doesn’t depend on good field position and can score any time and a “bend but don’t break” defense Elancorts offense and defense compliment each other well.

The Crusaders offense are balanced in their run and pass. The biggest playmakers are at the receiver position and they are complimented by a good “run by committee” backfield. The offensive line are coming together as a unit and plays better for each game. At quarterback the Crusaders have either Johan Larsson or Jay Reed who both can hurt you with their feet.

On defense there are athletes all over the place. They must contain and pressure the Templiers quarterback to be successful. Anchored by a good and aggressive defensive line the Crusaders have no real weak spot even though they allowed some big plays in the previous games. Some injuries on defense makes the depth chart a little thinner.

The Crusaders have advanced in the EFAF cup by beating NFA Monarchs and Eidsvoll 1814. The Templiers lost to the PA Knights away but beat them with a bigger margin at home to advance in the cup. The Crusaders are only 4 games in to their national season while the Templiers are at the end. It’s hard to predict the outcome of this game but Elancort are a little bit of favourites because of home field advantage. The Crusaders won the cup in 2003 and has some experience in international competion. It feels like a 50-50 odds for this game, just like it should be. May the best team win.

Christian Larsson HC Carlstad Crusaders
EFAF Cup Group 1 games (More info at www.eurobowl.com)
NFA Monarchs – Carlstad Crusaders 10 - 34 Copenhagen
Carlstad Crusaders – Eidsvoll 1814’s 24 - 22 Karlstad
Eidsvoll 1814’s – NFA Monarchs 13 - 10 Oslo

Elancourt Templiers vs Carlstad Crusaders 5/6 12.30 Paris, Complexe Sportif Europe
Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns vs Marburg Mercenaries 5/6 17.00 Frankfurt, Hagenbachstadion

Final: Winner of Semifinals 26/6

EFAF Cup Group 1 standings
Team G W L PF PA P
Carlstad Crusaders 2 2 0 58 32 4
Eidsvoll 1814’s 2 1 1 35 34 2
NFA Monarchs 2 0 2 20 47 0

Preliminary starters in Carlstad Crusaders
Defense: Offense:
DL Per Rindberg OL August Eriksson
DL Nick Fertitta OL Magnus Dahlin
DL Carl Carlsson OL Kristoffer Hellborg
DL Per Jung OL Martin Falk
LB Martin Ullbrandt OL Hans Gunnarsson
LB Morgan Wik RB Christian Forsman
LB Stefan Haghdal RB Roger Nilsson
DB Jonas Mogensen TE Johan Ingerman
DB Robert Sundberg WR Jay Reed
DB Peter Carlsson WR Kalle Flognman
DB Olof Bjurström QB Johan Larsson

Injury report
Out: DB Marcus Jonsson Hand 5/7
LB Calle Ingerman Knee 5/7
OL Rickard Mäkitalo Knee 5/7
DL Eric Håkansson Knee 5/7
OL Carl Romlin Head Season
Questionable: DB Andreas Johansson Knee
LB Morgan Wik Calf
RB Roger Nilsson Foot
Probably: RB Christian Forsman Knee
NFL Europe: RB Joakim Holm

Robert Sundberg, General Manager Carlstad Crusaders
+46 705-11 11 33

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