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05.06.2005 Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns

Marburg wins EFAF-Cup semi-final

The aim for both clubs was decided already before this game started: EFAF-Cup Final 2005, Elancourt, Paris-area close to Versailles, June 26th, Stade Guy Boniface kickoff 2pm. The Templiers had beaten Carlstad same day some hours ago. But only one of the two german opponents could make it: The Marburg Mercenaries.

Unicorns gave the Marburg Mercenaries a hard fight.
(c) Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns
Unicorns gave the Marburg Mercenaries a hard fight.
(c)Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns

In the EFAF-Cup semi-final the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns got a catastrophic start against the Marburg Mercenaries. The early faults from the first quarter could not be caught up despite good achievement in the other three play sections no more and at the end stood a 36:48-loss.

The Unicorns started very bad into the game. Particularly their pass-play stood under a very bad star. First Johannes Brenner lost control of the ball after catching a pass and afterwards two passes from Ira Vandaver where diverted by the Mercenaries. In all three situations the ball landed in the arms of the guests, who transformed these chances into touchdowns. Before they it provided themselves the Unicorns had to face a 31:0 Merceneries-lead.

The Unicorns hat to play without eight master players. The reason for this where injuries and the missing play authorization in the EFAF-Cup of several players. Especially the Unicorns-defense was hurt about that. However the defenders had to solve an extremely heavy task. With Gerome Castleberry the Mercenaries have an extremely strong runningback, who carried the main load of the Marburg offense on sunday.

In the middle of the second quarter the Unicorns offense found their place in the game. Up to half time they approached a 14:31. After the break the Unicorns obtained the 21:31 and in the last quarter the Mercenaries lead with the conditions of 36:41 on only five points had melted. At the end the mortgage of the Unicorns from the first quarter weighed however too heavily. Marburg secured its success with the last touchdown of the day to the final score of 48:36.

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