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Elancourt Templiers
(c) Elancourt Templiers


27.06.2005 Elancourt Templiers

EFAF-CUP 2005 Final: Templiers 14 : 49 Mercenaries

Stadium Guy Boniface was packed. 2.500 visitors about, no free seat, all aisles were used by sitting visitors and the others were standing wereever place was available. For sure this first european clubteam final in France was a success for the Templiers team and the city of Elancourt and the region.

QB Jo Ullrich leads his Mercenaries to the EFAF CUP Title 2005.
(c) Elancourt Templiers
QB Jo Ullrich leads his Mercenaries to the EFAF CUP Title 2005.
(c)Elancourt Templiers

Elancourt Templiers 2005 season in french league was already a success. A winning season with 7:3, best season ever. The year before there was a 6:4 result and in 2003 the club played still in the second french division, after a 2:8 loosing 2002 season in first league.

And now first steps on european level. And directly the final after a semi-final victory against the swedish vice-champion 2004 Carlstad Crusaders and a better score in two games against the british champion PA Knights.

But in the first european clubteam final on the French territory the Templiers didnít succeed to win the trophy. The Mercenaries were simply the better team that day. The mixture of running and passing game is further developped on Marburg club, whereas Elancourt depends more on successful passing game.

In front of about 2500 spectators the Templiers started the game on offense but were pushed back to their 2 yards line and forced to punt. The Mercenaries capitalized their good field position by a touchdown. Overall the first half was dominated by the German offense as they scored 4 touchdowns on 6 drives but their defence was not so dominant and the Templiers scored 2 touchdown in the second quarter with a Perez Mattison run and a last second touchdown caught by Xavier Rano. Halftime schore 28: 14.

In the second half the Templiers offense didnít find any room to score and the Mercenaries scored three more touchdowns in the second half.
The Marburg Mercenaries finally won the 2005 EFAF CUP 49 to 14.

For the first time in an European competition the Templiers are nevertheless happy with their performance in this tournament and will try to do better next season.

Emmanuel Charret

European Federation of American Football