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PA Farnham Knights
(c) PA Farnham Knights


12.09.2005 Farnham Knights

Knights and Os in British Final

Personal Assurance Knights 15 - 14 (OT) Southern Sundevils! The Sundevils were left to wonder just how this game got away from them
after doing seemingly all that was required to cause an upset. For the
Knights it was time to celebrate a return to the National Championship game
in Sheffield and a chance to defend their Championship - but only just!

Big Line Player

(c) Farnham Knights
Big Line Player
(c)Farnham Knights

The Semi-Final stage of the play offs very rarely provides an easy passage
on to the big stage - the Knights knew that playing the Sundevils three
times in a row would make the game all that more difficult. Having won the
two regular season games and the Conference Championship made the Knights
the favourites but the Sundevils young team had progressed steadily as the
season developed and their win on the road that put the Northern Conference
runners up (Gateshead) out of the competition made a clear statement that
this team were for real.

The pattern for the game was set early on as both Defenses got a grip on
their opponents. The Sundevils could find very little in the way of yardage
as Tony Mackenzie led the home defenders in shutting down the visitors
running game and the Knights secondary closed out their passing attack. The
Knights offense moved the ball early on but the Sundevils dug in as soon as
the home team got into their territory and neither end zone was seriously
threatened in the first half. The teams went into the break at 0-0.

The pattern was repeated as the third quarter started - the Knights with
Kingsley Ejiogu and Paul Attia leading the rushing attack made yards but
couldnt get into scoring range as the young Sundevils defense held firm. The Knights defense remained dominant with Will White and Tim Siewert both
making their presence felt.

The two punters were in a competition for field position and with 9 minutes
remaining in the third quarter the Sundevils Leo Lindsay punted the ball out of bounds at the Knights 33 yard line.

The Knights offense took the field and QB Ashley Heath threw a short pass to WR Rodney Edgerton , as the Knights receiver got his hand to the ball he was hit hard by LB Dayle Powell and the ball spilled to the ground, it bounced up into the hands of the Sundevils GB Linebacker and he sprinted 33yards to the Knights endzone and the officials signalled a touchdown. There then ensued a discussion with the Knights insisting that the play was an incomplete pass - the referees first response was that it was an
interception, then a complete pass that was fumbled and finally it was
decided that it was an incomplete lateral pass that resulted in a live ball
and therefore the touchdown.

The Knights were clearly stunned as the Sundevils ran a two point conversion play that saw Scott Miller crash into the endzone to give the visitors a 0-8 lead.

With plenty of time on the clock the Knights Offense went back to work and
drove down the field. At the visitors 30yd line they faced a 4th down and
3yds to go - the Sundevils defense siffened again with former NFLE star Tom
Tovo making the crucial stop.

Again the punting battle took hold as the third quarter ended and the final
period began.

The Knights then staged an impressive drive with Paul Attia making good
gains on the ground and Moses Tomas and Rodney Edgerton picking up first
downs with receptions from QB Heath. The drive took the Knights to the
Sundevil 5 yard line but a personal foul penalty saw that key play called
back to the 40yd line and the Sundevils held the Knights on the subsequent
plays to end the drive.

The Knights held firm again but the Sundevils had pinned the home team deep
in their own terriitory and with both teams running the ball the time was
running out for the Knights. Attia found running room again as the Knights
Offensive Line opened lanes up - as soon as the Devils crowded the line of
scrimmage QB Heath found WR Mike Dunson for a key first down.

Time however was against the home team and with just 1min 37seconds
remaining they found themselves in a third down situation on the Sundevils
27yd line. This time Heath dropped back and found TE Derek Freeman with a
pinpoint pass just as he broke clear of the Sundevils coverage - he hauled
in the ball and spinted in to score the vital 6 points that gave the
Champions a life line.

The drama was far from complete, the Knights knew that they must convert a 2 point play to give themselves any hope of winning the game. Star running
back Kingsley Ejiogu got the call and sprinted right, patiently following
his blocking he chose his time perfectly to use his speed to find the corner of the endzone and the score stood at 8-8.

The Knights knew that they could not afford to give the Sundevils an
opportunity on the kick off return - but that is precisely what happened as
the Devils returner broke the kick coverage and was running free down the
sideline for what would have been a game winning score. Kicker Steve Belcher was the last line of defense for the Knights and his tackle at the Knights 28yd line was crucial.

Neither team had any timeouts remaining and so with 1min 27 on the clock the Sundevils had a final chance to win the game in regular time. They threw everyting at the Knights - including a half back option pass but the home defense held firm as the pass was batted away by Mike Dunson and Marvin Jimerson.

So the game went to overtime. The system used in the British League is the
same as in American College Football - not sudden death as in the NFL - with each team having equal possesions from their opponents 25yd line. The
Sundevils won the toss and elected to go on defense for the first possesion.

The Knights Offense took the field and the Offensive Line took up the
challenge. With Moses Tomas assisting with lead blocking Ejiogu was on fire.

A quick first down run to the 14yd line was followed by an incredible touch
down run - Ejiougu was hit hard at the 8yd line - looked to be falling
forwards but kept his legs pumping and regained his balance to score.
Knights Head Coach Steve Rains then faced a tough decision - 1 point or 2
for the conversion?. He decided on one point and kicker Steve Belcher duly
obliged by perfectly splitting the uprights. The Knights led 15-8.

The Sundevils now had their possesion from the 25yd line and knew they had
to score to keep their dream alive. A quick fire pass totheir tight end saw
the ball at the Knights 8 yd line. Their second play - another pass - saw WR Simon Hoque haul in the ball in the endzone to bring the game to 15-14. Now came a tough decision for visiting Head Coach Jim Roberson. 1 point to tie the game or 2 points to win? He elected to go for two and the drama was
complete as American Running Back Eric Lewis was grabbed by the unstoppable
Tony Mackenzie at the 1yd line and a hoard of Knights defenders completed
the tackle and sealed an improbable win for the Champions.

Knights Head Coach Steve Rains said "If you had been asked to bet your house on who was going to win this game with 1min 37 to go in regulation time - you would now be homeless! I am so proud of this team - we refused to lay down. The Defense had kept us in it all day and it was fitting that it was that unit that finally sealed it. Full credit to Coach Roberson and his players - it was a fantastic game and they certainly did not deserve to lose it, but in the end our Offensive Line showed why they are regarded so highly and Ashley, Derek, Kingsley and the rest of the Offense took full advantage of the opportunity they provided"

Defensive Co-Ordinator Ian Ellis added "Playing any team three games in a
row is hard - its especially tough when they are a talented young team with
an excellent coach. We knew this would be tough but nobody could have
forseen this drama. Our guys gave everything, they all deserve to be going
back to Sheffield and I am just pleased that we have a week to get over what was undoubtedly our toughest physical game of the season to date"

Club Chairman Dave Maskell concluded "What a fantastic game - but way way
too exciting! We are delighted to be going back to Sheffield - the third
National Final for the club in four years - we now face the London Olympians in a match up that nobody interested in Britball should miss"

The Knights travel to Sheffields Don Valley Stadium for the National
Championship Final on the 25th September. Kick off will be at approx 3pm
following the Division 2 National Final between the Coventry Jets and the
Kent Exiles.


A Heath 7 of 18 for 108yds 1TD 3Int

D Graham 1 for 37yds
D Freeman 1 for 27yds 1TD
M Tomas 2 for 22yds
R Edgerton 1 for 14yds
M Dunson 1 for 11yds
P Wakeford 1 for -3yds

K Ejiogu 20 for 107yds 1TD
P Attia 14 for 56yds
P Wakeford 1 for 2yds
M Tomas 1 for 0yds
R Edgerton 1 for -2yds


Passing 7 of 18 for 108yds 1TD
Rushing 37 att for 163yds 1TD
Total 55 plays for 271yds 2TD

Passing 4 of 8 for 40yds 1TD
Rushing 36 att for 74yds
Total 44 plays for 114yds 1TD

Defense (Knights highlights)
A Mackenzie 14 tackles
W White 8 tackles
T Siewert 8 tackles + 1Sack

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