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Berlin Adler
(c) Berlin Adler


09.04.2008 Berlin Adler

Adler beat Crusaders 26 : 12

The Berlin Adler had a great start into the new season with a victory
against the Amsterdam Crusaders (26:12) in the EFAF Cup.
Even though the weather was pretty bad and it was the first game of the
year, the Adler were able to show a good team effort. Both in the offense
and in the defense they dominated the guests from the Netherlands at will.
The best player was running back Bj÷rn Dreier, who ensured many yards on
the ground and also two touchdowns for the Adler.

Berlin Adler beat Amsterdam Crusaders
(c) Huddle Magazin
Berlin Adler beat Amsterdam Crusaders
(c)Huddle Magazin

Already in the first half the Adler showed their strength and gained the
lead (19:00) with a field goal, a safety and two touchdowns. In the second
half the Adler showed a decrease in their effort, but were able to gain
more points with an interception return for a touchdown from Karl Michel.

For Headcoach Dogan Ízdincer this was a promising prelude for the new
season, even if the game was no indicator for the coming games in the GFL.

Points were made by :
Adler : Bj÷rn Dreier (14) / Karl Michel (6) / Benjamin Lissewski (4) /
Oliver Friedrich (2)
Crusaders : Revilinho Graanoogst (6) / Renze Burgers (6)

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