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07.04.2008 The Crew Wroclaw

The Crew Wrocław - Prague Panthers 0:53

The Crew Wroclaw lost its debut game in the EFAF Cup against the Czech Champion Prague.

Debut game for the Crew
(c) The Crew Wroclaw
Debut game for the Crew
(c)The Crew Wroclaw

Prague has shown the polish spectators football on the European level. The game was watched by more than a 1000 spectators who gave an incredible cheer for the home team (0:22, 0:12, 0:12,0:7).

Spectators: more than 1000

Before the game the fans watched and listen to the concert given by Wroclaws rap group named Trzeci Wymiar. The guys made a great intro to the game and the teams could start to play.

Prague started to play their game since the first whistle and started to point out the nervous Crew players. They've won the 1st quarter 22:0 in the next parts of the game it started to get a little better but still Prague was all the time ahead of the rookies. The game ended 53:0

For The Crew their first game was a great lesson how much they still need to learn and how does football on a European level look like. The defeat hurts, but it wasn't so bad for the first game. Now it 's time to gather experience, think about the mistakes and play the next game better.

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