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Valencia Bats
(c) Valencia Bats


21.04.2008 Valencia Firebats

Valencia Firebats beaten by Oslo Vikings


Spanish Campion 2007
(c) Valencia Firebats
Spanish Campion 2007
(c)Valencia Firebats

Last weekend, team showed a two sides profil in the game against Coventry, but unfortunately this time we could see only the worse of them, due, mostly, to a several changes torced by the absence of injuried key players, including the starter quarterback F. Altarriba #23.

Instead of this, the ADT FIREBATS tried their best, but not enough to stop the norwegian machine. That worked 100% since the first plays, scoring an early TD in the first drive. This marked the tonic of the game. In the first and second quarter only the Vikings were able to move the score, with a well combined game plan passing and rushing randomly, while the ADT FIREBATS spent their options while trying to fix the system.

The half time it was 00 to 21 for the visitors at the score.

In the 3rd quarter things started the same way for Valencia, but some improvements in the deffense made the norwegian play slower and heavier, untill forcing a safety, catching the ball carrier in his end zone. This brought new energy to the Valencian offense. Next drive got a nice touchdown in a 60 yards pass to X. André #32, (EP C. Redón #43), that puts the 09 to 28.

Finally the Vikings could score a new field goal. After a poor local drive, a new touchdown, that left that deffinitive score 09 to 38.

The ADT MVP TROPHY went to Vikings nr 33, Nicolay Aslaksen, thanks to his effective rush game.

Nice game, finally, and Valencia keeps taking experience in order to become that great club in Europe that we want. We are on it.

Numero Tackles Assit Sacks Fumble rec Force Fumble Interc Returns T Retur (y) Punt return Pass Defl
89 0 0 0
66 2 0 0
2 2 0
55 1 1 1
44 0 1
57 1 0
11 3 0 1
4 5 1 0
52 1 0 0 1 1
3 0 0 1
38 0 0 1
56 3 0
22 1 0 1 1
63 0 2
5 5 0
78 0 1

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