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Bergamo Lions
(c) Bergamo Lions


22.04.2008 Bergamo Lions


The Acufon Lions Bergamo gaines the EFL quarter finals defeating the Spanish Champions Pioners de L’Hospitalet for 62 to 44 last Saturday 19th april in front of more than 500 spectators and a special guest, Mr. Michael Wilson , WR of the fantastic 49ers in NFL in 80 age, winner of 4 NFL Superbowls.

Hard Hitting Lions Defense against Pioners
(c) Bergamo Lions
Hard Hitting Lions Defense against Pioners
(c)Bergamo Lions

Bergamo Lions had a great and prolific offensive plan system making 615 yards for total offence with a great contribute of their QB Kendrick Dozier that completed 17 pass on 20 for 374 yards and 6 Tds pass.

Lions scored first with a TD pass received from the great #1 Mo Mortazavi that at the end of game scored in total 4 tds for 173 yards receptions.

Pioners offence with a great American duo Moorman – Stein given Lions defence many problems. The Spanish team had a great passing game with 344 yards pass , 25 completed on 37 attended for Moorman , 4 TDs pass and 2 interceptions , on a total offence of 432 yards.

Pioners had many problems to beat the Lions defence with running plays but their passing game was very accurate and the Bergamo Lions DBs had many problems to cover the very good Spanish team receivers , also if Moorman suffered 2 interceptions ( 1 each Donnini # 28 and Borowski # 2 ) the receivers front of Pioners was very terrificant opponents for Bergamo defence.

But the great hart of all Lions stopped Pioners offence enough times to permit at the powerfull Lions Bergamo’s offence to score Tds all quarters and manteining during all the game minimum 2 TDs advantage.

Great performances for all Lions’s receivers , scoring Tds and receiving for many yards , #19 Podavitte with 89 yards rec. 1td , # 88 Capodaglio with 82 yards rec. 1 TD, and the already mentioned Mortazavi, nothing less by the RBs of Bergamo , the American #5 Tony Stallings with 12 carriers for 129 yards , 1 rec, for 30 yards , # 26 Andrea Ghislandi with 9 carriers for 94 yards and 1 TD.

For the defence also two sacks by #55 Biavati and #77 Pompilii that maked a lot of pressure on the great QB of the Pioners.

Now the Acufon Lions Bergamo one more time in Vienna against to the opponent of the age to continue this very amazing season 2008.



Total Offence : 615 yards ( 374 pass + 241 run )

First downs : total 30 first downs

Pass :
Dozier : completed 17 on 20 attendend for 374 yards 6 tds pass

Receptions :

Mortazavi : rec. 7 for 173 yards , 4 tds
Capodaglio : rec. 4 for 82 yards , 1 tds
Podavitte : rec. 5 for 89 yards , 1 tds
Stalings : rec. 1 for 30 yards

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