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Amsterdam Crusaders
(c) Amsterdam Crusaders


24.04.2008 Amsterdam Crusaders

Field Goal separates teams in EFAF-Cup

Amsterdam Crusaders - Triabgle Razorbacks 0 – 3

Time to pass against Adler Defense
(c) Huddle Magazin
Time to pass against Adler Defense
(c)Huddle Magazin

The Amsterdam Crusaders were unable to win their second game in the EFAF-Cup against the Triangle Razorbacks from Denmark.

The Razorbacks came out strong offensively but were unable to put any points on the board during the first half.

Twice the Cru defense lead by linebacker Kevin Bourne was able to stop the Danish ground attack successfully and held the Razorbacks to two field goals. Both attempts sailed wide left past the goal posts.

The Crusaders offense lead by former Admiral Haroen Goelabdien was unable to get their game going. Finally late in the third quarter Danish kicker Søren Prehn was successful on his third field goal attempt from 42 yards out.

Unfortunately the Dutch saw their hopes of tying the game go up in smoke, when late in the fourth quarter a 32 yard field goal attempt by kicker Thierry Delamar got blocked by the Danish defense.

The Razorbacks will face the Berlin Adler in de German capital on the 10th of May. The winner of this game will advance to the next round in the EFAF-Cup.

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