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14.05.2008 Parma Panthers

Parma wins against Klagenfurt

A very spectacular game between Panthers Parma vs. Carinthian Black Lions at Lanfranchi Field in Parma last Sunday.
Final score 42-35 for italian team shows how tie and tough was this EFAF Cup Quarter Final.

Team of Parma Panthers
(c) Parma Panther
Team of Parma Panthers
(c)Parma Panther

The first Td is for Austrian team (Td pass to Herlihy)and Panthers answer
immediately ( td pass to Mazza )

Then Panthers defense stop Black Lions with an interception of Kunhel and
Panthers QB Brown threw another Td pass to Mazza and the score is 14-7.

Black Lions'fumble gives football to the Panthers on own 20yds, but a bad
snap directly in end zone give to Herlihy the possibility to score for 14-14 Panthers again in the lead with Brown rush (21-14) and at two minutes
warning Fogarty threw with a wonderful catch of Werginz.

Panthers move the football for 50 yards but austrain safety intercepts in

The first half 21-21

In the second half, italian team continue to play as well as the first
periods, but Black Lions went a little down cause of a short roster and the hot temperature under the sun.

Tully for Panthers and Jones for Black Lions give emotions also for all
third quarter (28-28).

Then Danny Brown rushes for two tds and close the game(42-28)
At 5 seconds to the final whistle Fogarty finds Knees for final 42-35.

Very good game for Americans on the field on the both sides.
Panthers Qb Brown run for 3 Td and throw to WR Corey Mazza for other 2 TDs
Rb Ryan Tully finish with 1 TD and more of 100yds.
Black Lions shows to have in Fogarty and Herlihy a couple of aces.

Now Panthers will face other Austrian team Cineplexx Blue Devils on the 31st of May,1st june week end.

Parma Panthers 42
Carinthian Black Lions 35

(7-7; 14-14; 7-7; 14-7)

Scorer: Herlihy (B) +1Schubert; Mazza (P) +1 Gavesi; Mazza (P) +1 Gavesi;
Herlihy (B) +1Schubert; Brown (P) +1Gavesi; Werginz (B) +1 Schubert; Tully
(P) +1 Gavesi; Jones (B) +1 Schubert; Brown (P) +1 Gavesi; Brown (P)
+1 Gavesi; Knees (B) +1 Schubert.

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