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14.12.2008 Coventry Cassidy Jets

Jets in EFAF-Cup 2009 with new logo

The Coventry Cassidy Jets have unveiled a new logo that will carry them into the 2009 season and beyond. The dynamic new logo replaces it's cartoon like predecessor which was unveiled in 2007 and proved unpopular amongst players and fans alike. The new logo features the silhouette of a fighter jet as the backdrop to the club’s existing logos typeface.

#7 Jeremy Simms gets to grips with Valencias #82 Gonzalo Carbajosa
(c) Coventry Jets
#7 Jeremy Simms gets to grips with Valencias #82 Gonzalo Carbajosa
(c)Coventry Jets

With the continued backing of the Cassidy Group the club's new badge retains the yellow & blue colour scheme of it's forerunner whilst remaining true to the property developers iconic logo. The addition of the flash underneath the logo adds a feeling of speed and motion as the National Champions look for a repeat of last season’s success.

Marketing Director Parm Sidhu described the new logo as “striking” adding that “in light of the club winning it’s first National Title the timing seems right to refresh the brand in a manner that shows we’re not prepared to tread water”. The club have also announced that they will compete in Europe for the third straight year and expect to unveil their new home venue in the coming weeks.

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